Baking with my Kids

1 Nov

My kids and I attempted to make Nestle Toll House Cookies last night and they were awesome! We did not burn them and they taste great right out of the oven. I used @OXO cute orange cookie spatula which says – be a good cookie. I love this spatula which i got @Marshalls for $4.99. I also bought @RachaelRay cookie sheet which I absolutely love that I also got @Marshalls for $12.99. This is the best cookie sheet ever! No sticking, easy clean up, and it matches my cookie spatula. Love orange color for the fall.The biig container of Nestle Toll House cookie dough I purchased @Costcos on sale for $6.99. What a bargain compared to buying ready made cookies for much more and I got the kids to participate and make cookie balls instead of just eating out of the box. We enjoy cooking together as a family.

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