2 Nov

Even though we went through hardships and damages due to #Sandy I am glad I got to spend quality time home away from the hustle and bustle of work. I hardly see my kids as it is being that I work 5 days a week and their in school and I only have weekends off. We were able to do so much even though we were indoors.We played board games, cooked together, danced, singed, scavenger hunts, computer games, went over homework, read plenty of books, and my kids made videos just being kids.I rather be home and able to be on the go rather than at my job standing 8 hours a day which is giving me heel spurs at the moment. I have a big decision to make whether to continue with the medical problems and headaches at work or do what I love and be around positive people.I think this choice is going to be easy! The only good thing is I got paid to spend time with my family. Hope everyone continues to work together and get the city back up and running and remember family will always be there for you! Be safe and have a great day!!!

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