Crazy about Cupcakes / My favorite Cupcake Shops

6 Nov

I am a cupcake fanatic and maybe that’s the reason why I enjoy baking them with my kids. Growing up I used to watch my grandmother bake all types of desserts and believe it or not she never made cupcakes or cookies but she sure could throw down on some sweet potato pies, pecan pies, 3 layer cakes, banana pudding, you name it! 

As I got older and had kids I knew one day they was going to ask for some sweets so I decided cupcakes couldn’t be so hard to whip up and I was right. I also found a few cupcake stores if I didn’t feel like baking that would please our taste buds.

I narrowed it down to a few and here is my list in no particular order :

*Sprinkles Cupcakes – 780 Lexington Avenue
Love red velvet, any vanilla or chocolate, and banana.  They have tons of delicious flavors and they are very moist and the frosting melts in your mouth.

*Baked by Melissa – variety of locations
Love red velvet,  cookies and cream,  tie dye, and, cinnamon. Then there is a flavor of the month that you can pick as well.  Bite size mini cupcakes that you will wind up eating the whole box. Delicioso!

*Crumbs Bake Shop – variety of locations Love red velvet,  squiggle,  devil’s food, and, white hot chocolate (flavor of the month). These can be eaten with a fork because they are huge but if you think one signature size cupcake is big wait till you see the colossal cupcake which is 6 1/2 inches high that feeds 6-8 people. These are very good!

*Magnolia Bakery – 5 locations in NY
Love red velvet,  devil’s food,  banana, snickerdoodle,  carrot,  vanilla, and, chocolate. The taste is amazing.

*Cupcake Cafe – 545 9th Ave btwn 40th & 41st
The cake flavors I love are vanilla, lemon,  bohemian walnut, and, carrot. The buttercream flavors I absolutely love are vanilla,  maple,  cream cheese frosting,  and lemon. The filling I get is maple,  vanilla,  mocha, and cream cheese frosting. These cupcakes and cakes are the most beautiful creations you have ever seen. These make a great gift. They make gorgeous wedding cakes and their butter cream flowers on the cupcakes looks like it took hours to do. These cupcakes are worth making a visit to. Truly delicious and out of this world!!!

I might not have a cupcake shop or mobile cupcake truck but my kids and my family still love my cupcakes as well and I will continue to bake and hopefully one day I will serve you and someone will be blogging about my shop.


Photo above is from Cupcake Cafe


Photo above and below is Sprinkles Cupcakes


2 Responses to “Crazy about Cupcakes / My favorite Cupcake Shops”

  1. Sean Breslin November 6, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    I’ve only had Baked by Melissa, but they’re great!

    • nilimo72 November 6, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

      They definitely are great. And you can get addicted because of the size you will be eating all day. I love them.

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