What girl doesn’t love a handbag?!!

6 Nov

I have an obsession for handbags so bad that I could open up a shop. Not bragging just something I’ve been doing for a long time. If I see a handbag, purse, clutch, tote, wallet, or even suitcase I want I try my best to get it and eventually wind up with it. I will some sacrifice clothes for a great handbag that’s why my closet is stuffed beyond capacity.

I had an experience in H&M one day where a famous designer was bringing out a new collection and I had to be there. I didn’t personally know the designer but it was the buzz and I said if I don’t go I will never know what I could have got.

The store gave out assigned times you were able to shop and you only had 15 minutes. I was in the 3rd or 4th timeslot so as the line moves in you make it upstairs to see the women going crazy hoping they don’t take what you want and that they restock by the time you get to shop.

Here’s where I got my shopping skills on. As each group went in I stood on the side & looked for the women with the least items in their hands and asked if they could get an item for me and I would meet them at the counter to pay for it. Some was fine, some ignored me, and one I gave some money to for a bag I really wanted and because it was the last one and I had to have it.

I scored a pair of sunglasses, 2 bags, and a scarf. I didn’t even have to shop when it was my time and I’m glad because nothing I wanted was left anyway. Those women weren’t playing.

The reason I mentioned that story is to let you know when women want something designer or not especially at an unbelievable price we’re going to GET IT!!  I saw what I want I was thinking on my feet and I conquered.

Bloomingdale’s have their beautiful Louis Vuitton window on display. I love everything in the window and look at the wedge shoe.

Remember ladies, we don’t have to be a millionaire to get a designer bag.
These are just a few stores to buy designer bags for less :

*TJ Maxx
*Century 21
*Designer Sample Sales are the best

My collection of bags will be passed down to my daughter. I hope she gets a walk in closet wherever she moves.


Above picture at Bloomingdale’s. Louis Vuitton window.

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