Meeting Celebrities

8 Nov

I’ve met quite a few celebrities in the past but weren’t able to save the pictures I took with them. However, I was able to meet a few more this year and they were all very nice and didn’t mind taking pictures with their fans.

I meet the majority of celebrities at movie screenings, red carpet events, or fashion shows. Sometimes I just snap a picture or if I’m close enough to ask for a picture I make sure to jump at the chance.

Any celebrity is fine as long as their cool. If I see they look like they don’t want to be bothered then I leave them alone. I met Queen Latifah one time in the ladies bathroom but I wasn’t gonna dare ask her for a picture in there so I just smiled and left her alone to take care of her business.

Just like you and I we have good days, and bad days. Sometimes we smile, sometimes we don’t.

I have a few pictures of some celebrities below.




If you didn’t guess who they were I’ll tell you – 1. Kevin James
          2. Henry Winkler
          3. Susan Lucci

They were all very very nice and I enjoyed meeting them and talking with them.

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