My experience with the Subway

16 Nov

I appreciate the perks that come with living in New York like different modes of transportation. I love taking the bus just about everywhere. If I’m not in a rush I take the local and sight see. There’s always something new to see. I do love the new express busses as well when I need to get from point A to point B in a jiffy. You do however need to have a receipt with you which I have down packed when the bus is arriving. Press start, insert metrocard, wait, grab receipt and jump on bus.

If you don’t have a receipt here are undercovers om the bus so they say, and I’m sure you would have rathered paid $2.25 instead of the ticket they will hit you with.

I used to like yellow cabs until I got hit by one when I was in high school. Hit and run. They will knock anyone down for a fare. Gypsy cabs are dangerous as well but if I need one I make sure seatbelt is on and if I see them on their cell phone or smoking I’m out. My life is more important. Especially if my kids are in there as well. They come first!

Then there’s the subway system. Hate is such a dirty word so let me say I hate riding on the subways. They are always crowded, dirty, smelly, no air circulation, dangerous if you don’t pay attention, pan handlers galore, crime infested, and people can be very rude when they want a seat.

My job is in Brooklyn and the ride there is about 45 minutes to an hour depending on a lot of things. I noticed the 2 train is always crowded no matter what, so I would wait for the 3 train where I know I will get a seat as soon as I get on. I also noticed a lot of people doing the same thing as I would but it didn’t matter as long as I still got a seat.

The 3 train has less garbage, doesn’t smell, and I hardly see panhandlers. I still wouldn’t eat on trains though. I think that’s disgusting, especially when someone sits next to me and decide to eat a whole meal. One lady ate curry one morning and the whole train smelled for the duration of my trip. I also can’t stand when someone stands over me with their coffee, or newspaper, and I will let them know it’s in my face by pushing it off of me. As far as the coffee, I tell them or just move because there’s nothing like hot coffee spilling on you.

Then you have the people that literally sit on your lap to squeeze in next to you in that small space that they know they can’t fit in, then they want to read their paper and press their elbows in your ribs so that’s when I make it uncomfortable for them by putting both of my hands in my pocket so I don’t have broken ribs by the time I exit.

Bookbags hitting me in the back is another one. I’m 5’4 so I get hit everywhere. Is it so hard to take the bookbag off when you enter the crowded train?

There is so much more I could talk about with my bad experiences of the train but I’d rather not. I’m just glad we have a choice of what transportation we can take because there are some cities that don’t have subways, or they have buses that shut down at a certain time, or you need a car to get around.

Speaking of cars, I want one, can’t afford one right now, and hopefully I will win one in the future, or become rich whichever comes first.

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