Do you thread, wax, tweeze, or tattoo your eyebrows?

17 Nov

We were born with what God and the DNA of our parents gave us. As we got older we either altered what we didn’t like with plastic surgery, wigs, butt implants, lip injections, etc, etc.

I never experienced any of the above though I have thought about a few surgeries as I got older but that faded away.

Makeup was another thing I really wasn’t into but I did try mascara, lipstick, blush, and decided it wasn’t for me so I went au natural. Now, it’s just chapstick, mascara once in a while, and a nice perfume.

Eyebrows were also never altered with till I believe I was in my 20’s. My sister started getting hers waxed so I tried it out and it was okay but I didn’t keep it up. It wasn’t doing anything for me and I think I had bangs anyway.

Tweezing I never liked and I thought that plucking my hair would never end. I quickly stopped doing that.

After waxing, and tweezing didn’t work out she introduced me to threading the eyebrows. It hurts like crazy but they come out beautifully with the arch perfect. You tell them if you want your eyebrows thick or thin. I stay with the thick look.

My sister decided that waxing, and threading her eyebrows were a waste of money and she had them permanently tattooed. I personally don’t like skinny eyebrows but she obviously did and didn’t mind spending what she did.

Now she wants them tattooed darker because their too light. She needs a touch up. I guess she should have kept the threading going on but sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

The threading business is booming right now so if you find someone who does your eyebrows right stick with that person because all it takes is one mistake, and unless you have bangs to cover them up you will just have to tuff it out.

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