I’m walking away from 6 1/2 years of stress on my job.

20 Nov

Well ladies and gentlemen my 6 1/2 years of working for New York Health and Hospitals Corporation is coming to an end. The hustle and bustle of that long subway ride to Brooklyn is no more. I couldn’t continue even if I wanted to. And trust me, I don’t want to. I’ve been through a lot with that job and no amount of money is worth the stress, headaches, or health issues that I experienced.

Standing on my feet 8 or more hours a day in one spot is not what I dreamed of doing. It paid the bills, but if I’m not happy and healthy then I have to make a wise decision and my decision is to walk.

My kids come first and I want to be able to see them more, play with them, and enjoy every moment. My daughter always say “don’t go to work mommy”. I always wanted to stay but I couldn’t. I’m not getting any younger and she’s getting older and I don’t want to miss out anymore. I have 4 kids and have to be there.

Now I have to decide what I enjoy doing and do it. There’s so much out here and we shouldn’t settle for anything less than what we deserve, and we should be treated with respect and be acknowledged for our hard work and time.

I have to make my dream come true and network.

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