Running around like a Turkey!!!

21 Nov

I am running around like a turkey with his head cut off trying to do last minute grocery shopping for Turkey Day and I’m about to pop!!  I’ve been so busy that I can’t blame no one but myself. Usually everything is bought, prepped, and seasoned, or marinating. Not this year.

On top of that I won 2 tickets to the Mary’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I have to decide which child to take with me. Also they blow up the balloons tonight near Central Park and I really want the kids to see this, but I also need to start the food going.

Last minute decisions are crazy. Every year I’m the only one who cooks because I love cooking and no one else knows how. Not like I have a choice. I’m not complaining.

I think the Turkey giveaways this year were even more due to Sandy and the communities are really stepping up. Hopefully everyone gets a meal on Thanksgiving and everyday after that.

Well, going to drop the kids off and run a marathon to grocery stores. Pray for me. Hope there’s shopping carts in the stores. The other day there were none.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Save me some dessert!!!


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