Thanksgiving in mi casa!!

23 Nov

I was going to do a whole blog on Thanksgiving but I decided to keep it simple. After running around going loco to cook a big meal for my family I succeeded. Everyone were very happy with my dinner. I made a turkey of course that I brined for 8 hours the night before. I also made stuffing, yellow rice, mashed potatoes, green beans with garlic and red pepper flakes, seafood salad, macaroni and cheese and dinner rolls. For dessert there was sweet potato pie, apple pie, Entenmann’s holiday log cake, fresh whipped cream that I made, and ice cream.

We don’t like cranberry sauce so it wasn’t going on the table and I didn’t feel like making collard greens or candied yams. I was pooped. Plus I went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade thats morning while my turkey was in the oven.

My mother said I deserve a treat for making all that food that she enjoyed so much. She mentioned cruise. Hey, as long as she’s paying I’ll kindly accept.

My cousins came over and ate so I winded up cooking for a little over 11 people. There are some leftovers and I might make turkey salad.

Next year I might order a turduken or fried turkey. As many of you know I mentioned that I love cooking but I need someone to cook for me once in a while.


I didn’t take pictures of the food this year. It’s in everybody’s bellies. Here’s a picture of the log cake though.

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