My daughter’s 1st tooth finally came out!!

27 Nov

My daughter’s first tooth finally came out. It happened on the weekend and I’m glad she was home and not in school because she probably would have did what I’m about to tell you.

I have 3 boys older than my daughter and whenever they had a tooth fall out they would immediately bring it to me, or if they happen to be in school they would tell the teacher, wrap it in tissue and bring it home, but not my daughter….   She was eating lunch and decided to nonchalantly put it either on her plate or throw it in the trash then tell us that her tooth came out after we emptied her plate. So, doing what any mom would do I looked everywhere, including the garbage and nothing.

We really don’t know what happened to the tooth but she said to us “It’s okay my other tooth is growing in and I’ll have more teeth coming out again.” It’s like she was telling us don’t stress over it. Well, I’m not stressed but it’s the memories, even though I couldn’t tell you where my son’s teeth are right now knowing that I was able to hold on to it for the time that I did was special.

She’s my only daughter and it would have been nice but there will be other firsts. Excluding boyfriends. Lol. That’s my Minnie Me. You gotta laugh and enjoy every second with your kids. I love all of my kids!!!


Above picture is before loose tooth on bottom center.


Above picture is after tooth fell out.

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