8 Dec

This is definitely the season to be giving. Giving a lot of your time in the emergency room because of the amount of times your child will be suffering from the flu, allergies, or the common cold. No parent likes seeing their kids suffer with fevers, runny noses, sore throat, and itchy eyes and we try to do all we can to prevent this from happening.

We get flu shots early, sterilize toys, wash blankets, use hand sanitizers wherever we go and have regular doctor visits, but is that all we need to do? What else should we be doing? Why are our kids still sick?

I notice that your child could be healthy one day and go to school and come home with the sniffles, or a cough. Germs are everywhere. I especially hate for my kids to touch anything outside from handrails, to train poles, doorknobs, shaking people’s hands. I’m a germaphobe. Sure, they’re still going to catch a cold, or the flu but that lessens the chance and I rather it comes from someone in my house than a stranger.

I do not like emergency rooms because every doctor is programmed to say the same thing. Give them plenty of fluids, cold medicine, and rest. I don’t need a hospital bill for them to tell me that. I have the remedies in my house.

Basically keep your kids informed especially in school and in the streets. If someone is coughing or sniffling stay away, don’t let anyone touch you, or hand you anything without them washing their hands, don’t eat anything from anyone, and try not to touch doorknobs. If they do have a bottle of sanitizer on them at all times. I do and I’m not afraid to use it. My kids already know.

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