15 Jan

I’m on a mission to find the hottest peppers and spices. As some of you know I love cooking and I started cooking from scratch so now I want to have all types of spices, seasonings, and dried peppers in my pantry. I don’t like to see a recipe I want to make then find out I’m missing one item. I want to be prepared.

My family and I love seafood and chicken a majority of the time and depending who I’m cooking for it can be a spicy dish or not. I know habanero chiles are the hottest but I discovered even more. There’s a shop in California called the Spice Station and I wish I lived by this shop. They have all types of spices and chiles.

I want to try spices that Chinese use and Mexicans because these are used in certain dishes. There are these Schezuan chiles and spices that a chef used on the cooking channel to make a four spice chicken. I want to make that dish.

I found their website spjcestationsilverlake.com, and Twitter page @spice_station, and I will probably have to order online. There are so many to choose from. I can’t wait to order online and create in the kitchen. I will post pictures and recipes when I make these dishes.

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