SHED, SHRED, AND GET AHEAD!! #StaplesOrgTips @Staples @TilsonPR @LivingFreeNYC

31 Jan

Today I knew I couldn’t pass up the great invitation I received from to attend an awesome event given by Staples to get organized for tax season. I personally thought I was doing pretty good at being organized until I came to this event and learned about tips and great products that will help me even more. When you go to Staples take the time to actually look at all the fabulous products they have because you don’t know what you’re missing. Martha Stewart’s Home Office with Avery line have file folders that will keep your tax forms and other important papers in order. They also look great with the beautiful designs you won’t get tired of looking at them. Very stylish!! There also are calendars to keep up with appointments.

One way I keep organized is by getting rid of junk mail as soon as it comes in the house. I don’t have a shredder but Staples has a wide selection of shredders including the most recent one that retails for $99. This is the Staples 10 sheet cross-cut shredder which comes with a pull out waste basket, and lock out key which disables blades for added safety. We had the pleasure of seeing how this machine operates up close and I’m sold. I would love this especially with 4 kids there’s paper everywhere. But if you’re not into doing your own shredding or don’t have the time or space Staples will do it for you for 79 cents a pound available at any Staples Copy & Print location. Wonderful!!

On display at today’s event were the Staples Better Binder with removable rings. I’ve never seen anything like this. The removable rings can hand and be labeled in any standard file cabinet. Genius!!! This is great for back to school kids as well. Where was this binder when I was in school?

The Arc notebooks were another favorite of mine. They come in different sizes and I love the poly material. The pages rip out easily and can be put back in with no mess. Presto!

We also can’t forget that Staples carry USB flash drives to keep files safe in case your laptop crashes. There are these cute animal USB flash drives by Entec that you could use to remember what’s stored on each one. Example: I would use the tiger for my pictures and the owl for my blogs. That way when I’m looking for something I know exactly which USB animal character to go to. Cute!!

Another item to bring home is the Turbo Tax software if you file your own taxes. E-file is included with this software.

I am so glad I was able to get more organized and pick up great tips and products and meet amazing people. Staples has everything you need for your office and school. Shed, Shred, and Get Ahead!!

Thank you for the amazing gift bags, raffles, pastries, and coffee as well.















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