Where do our money go?

15 Feb

I’m sure there are quite a few of us who love having an extended holiday off from work or school but what goes with that? Are you getting well deserved rest, vacationing, or spending your hard earned money? Some jobs require us to work on holidays and make holiday pay, some of us lose out on a days pay, then there are others who get paid when they are off. From January to December our money is being spent on so many things. You have kids off from school more than anyone so that requires babysitters, camps, school programs, taking them places on your day off and spending a lot of money especially if you have more than one kid. You know all the holidays so I won’t mention them but just add up all those holidays and calculate what you spend then say is it really worth it or can I save that money and do something special with my family? I don’t mind a good barbecue once in a while but not every weekend or twice a month like I used to do. Also, if you know your prices and you wait for sales like on President’s Day or Black Friday is it really a sale or could you have gotten it a few months ago?

My family and I haven’t been on a vacation in years but I hope one day I can take my kids on a cruise or to Disney World. Now that I am unemployed it’s gonna be hard but I’ll just have to continue saving my pennies.

I’m not knocking holidays because I enjoy spending time with my kids but I don’t follow behind the hype of everything. For Valentine’s Day hubby and I celebrated the day before. Who says you have to celebrate on the actual day? We don’t exchange cards because we say we love each other everyday. However, we spent the day together doing things we enjoy. I say don’t wait once a year to tell your loved one you love them, or only buy them chocolates, or roses on Valentine’s Day. Surprise them any time of the year. I love surprises!!

Don’t wait till Thanksgiving to make a turkey. Don’t wait till Christmas to buy your kids presents. If you can’t afford these holidays don’t worry a lot of people are cutting back. I say focus on the important things like raising your kids and giving them a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, and an education. They are our futures!!!

Also. save, save, save your money!!!!

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