19 Feb

It seems like yesterday I was holding my first born in my arms and now he is 22 years old. I don’t know how times flies but our babies are now toddlers, teenagers, and young adults. In our eyes they are still our babies though and they will always be.

Everytime I look at pictures I ask them remember this or look how fat you were. Sometimes they talk about it or smile which is good. I like to reminence.

I have no more babies. My daughter is 5 going on 6. My son just turned 10. My teenage son will be 17 and my 22 yr old son will be 23. Everyone always say you have a 22 yr old and I say yes. They can’t believe it. They say I don’t look old enough to have a 22 yr old and I love that compliment. I gave birth to my firstborn at age 17 and turned 18 that next month.

I don’t know how many kids I would have had if I waited later. I noticed with my Twitter followers a lot of families are going on their 3rd, 4th, or 5th child. I like a big family. My grandmother had a lot of children and I like when my aunts and uncles and cousins would come over to her house. I have a lot of cousins.

My friend comes from a big family too. She has 16 brothers and sisters. Lord!!

I’m not big on kicking my kids out when they become an adult. Now if they decide to go to college and move out that’s fine but if they are working or going to a local community college then they are welcomed to continue to live at home.

My son wanted to see what it was like to move out for a few months with a roommate. At first I was very skeptical and asked a million questions and wanted to do a background check on the roommate but when my son assured me of everything and said he was going a few blocks I agreed. The roommate was a longtime friend who worked and they were like brothers.

They both work fulltime and he was only charging my son $150 a month plus $25 for Internet which was fair for a big room. My son would come over for dinner which saved him from spending his money.

I thought he was going to be there permanently until I got a call from him one day saying he wanted to come back home. I asked was everything okay and he said yes, he just wants to save his money. I said okay come home. That’s my baby and will always be. I love having him home. He is now saving and I don’t have to worry as much.

So, basically our kids will have to make decisions in life and we can’t always say no but we can encourage if it’s for the best and hope they choose right.

I love my kids very much and want what’s best for them.


  1. eli February 21, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

    you’re such a great mom..so sweet…no wonder you’re children are nice too…they adore you because you also adore them…love begets love…God bless your family..

    • nilimo72 February 21, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

      I appreciate that beautiful and kind comment. I love my kids and wouldn’t change a thing. God bless you and your family as well. Thank you again!!

  2. wyatt April 30, 2015 at 8:26 pm #

    “love begets love”…how true! And hate begets hate..we all have great responsibility as parents and human beings, don’t we?

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