12 Jul

Being on Madame Alexander’s Mommy Advisory Board has it’s perks for my daughter Taylinn and trust me she’s not complaining. She is given a variety dolls to review. This time she received the whole doll collection from the Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. I’m so glad she did because she saw the movie and loved it and receiving the dolls just made her even more excited. Her doll collection is really expanding and she makes sure they are all present when she’s having a tea party, BBQ, school lesson, pretend bath-time, hospital check ups and so much more. Her brothers can’t get away from playing with her and they don’t mind some of the time. Lol. I get in on the fun too.

In the collection were:

China Princess, Legends of Oz Cloth Doll $15.00
This 12′ doll has piercing green eyes and signature up do hairstyle. She is dressed in a red and salmon satin gown adorned with red ribbons and sparkly gold flecks.

Glinda Legends of Oz Cloth Doll $15.00
12′ Glinda doll has bright blue eyes and whimsical “flip” do hairstyle is topped with a satin crown. She is dressed in a two-tone pink satin gown embellished with lace at the neck and puffed sleeves and adorned with printed flowers.

Dorothy Legends of Oz Cloth Doll $15.00
Dorothy who is also 12′ has piercing blue eyes and soft yarn pigtails, wearing her signature blue pinafore with coordinating gingham shirt plus fashionable cowboy boots give her a style all her own.

Tin Man Legends of Oz Cloth Doll $15.00
This 12′ cloth Tin Man is made of a silver metallic knit and sports an inverted funnel hat and bow tie. He found his heart which is safely on his chest.

Scarecrow Legends of Oz Cloth Doll $15.00
12′ Scarecrow has blue eyes and fun accents of straw yarn hair is dressed in his dashing gold trimmed uniform with a green sash, gold star, red gloves, blue fancy boots and official hat.

Cowardly Lion Legends of Oz Cloth Doll $15.00
This 12′ cloth Cowardly Lion doll has smiling brown eyes and a fluffy golden mane with golden crown, is poised to be king of the forest.

The movie hit theaters back in May, 2014. To learn more about the movie and cast go to: legendsofozmovie.com

Madame Alexander dolls and related accessories are available in all tiers of retail distribution in the US and select markets internationally as well as directly online. To learn more about Madame Alexander brands and the Alexander Doll Company, visit http://www.madamealexander.com

My daughter loved her collection and wants to give a big thank you to Madame Alexander for giving her the Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return dolls. The first night she slept with all of them. That was one crowded bed but she didn’t mind. She wondered where Toto was. That would have been nice for Toto the dog to be added but she was just glad to receive everything she has gotten so far. She said ” I want to have a million dolls.”

Disclosure: As a board member my daughter receives dolls to review. I was not compensated for this post. These opinions are 100% mine and my daughter.







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