25 Aug

As a dedicated member of Madame Alexander’s Mommy Advisory Board, my daughter Taylinn was sent a Newborn Nursery Cuddlebaby Girl Doll Angel Love! She’s never had a doll that looks and feel as real as the Cuddlebaby. As soon as she took her out if the package she noticed how life like it looked and felt. Heavy enough to feel real but not too heavy.she can also suck her thumb which she loved. Once you remove her hat she has curly brown hair which also feels very real. Her bug bright eyes are brown and has a beautiful skin tone. She has on a diaper underneath her pink gown as well.

Taylinn loves nurturing her dolls and being a great mommy to them all so Angel Love just made it easier for her to give her all of her love and show her motherly side. Taylinn also took her money and purchased a bottle for her doll that has magic milk in it and cries when the baby finish drinking so and also burps. She makes sure Angel Love is fed and changed everyday. I thought that was very motherly of her to think of her baby and responsibilities. She’s doing an excellent job at being a parent. She loves her newborn cuddle baby and takes special care of her.

Experience The World of Newborn Nursery today! Newborn Nursery Cuddlebaby Girl Doll Angel Love is retailed at $109.95 and can be purchased online at MadameAlexander.com.

The Madame Alexander team is excited to share that they have recently added a new feature to the website where customers and lovely Mom Advisory Board are now able to post reviews of each product directly onto MadameAlexander.com. This can be done by clicking the “Review” tab on the product page for each doll. Madame Alexander values your feedback and would love for you to share your thoughts on the website.

@AlexanderDollCo on Twitter

Disclosure: By me being on Madame Alexander’s Mommy Advisory Board my daughter receives dolls for her review. Her opinions and mine are 100% our own.











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