24 Sep

There’s nothing more adorable when you have a mini fashionista in the making. Moms and dads are trotting their mini me’s around with a sense of style. Since my first born I’ve always dressed my kids with that fashion swag without spending a fortune. That’s the fashionista mom in me. I can proudly say we still got it!

Recently I’ve come across the amazing kids fashion line RUUM. I am head over heels in love with their collections. Too bad my sons can’t wear any of the clothes but that’s okay because my daughter loves it all. I recently attended RUUM’s preview of their Fall/Winter collection and just want to say my daughter will need more closet space. How is it that some kids have more clothes than their parents? I was just discussing this earlier with another parent. What parent doesn’t want their kids to look good when they step out into the world? I say the whole family needs to look good together.

Sometimes my daughter and I color coordinate or even wear the same shirt or jeans and even our hair up in a bun a few times. I love dressing her up or down. She is definitely my little mini me with style and will let me know in a heart beat if she likes something or not.

I’m noticing celebrities kids are channeling their parents street style savvy. Recently spotted was North West with mom Kim Kardashian leaving LAX airport. North effortlessly sports a RUUM American Kid’s Wear double pocket chambray button down, accompanied with chino’s and classic boots. No doubt in this look North West went with her (daddy) Kanye West style. Can you say gorgeous? She is a cutie pie and her parents know that RUUM is one of the best brands for their little girl.

Whether you’re a celebrity or not RUUM is affordable and if you check out the website you can get up to 50% off select Fall Fashions. Shop their Fall Lookbook and see what the Denim Shop has in store.




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