4 Nov

Wubble Bubble Ball was kind enough to send my kids their 2014 Top Toy for the Holiday Season as selected by Target. Wubble Bubble Ball is a family fun toy and I totally agree. Once I purchased the 4 D batteries for the pump I had the kids insert the pump in the ball and fill with air carefully. I did not want to break it before we got to use it. The whole family played with this huge, soft, bouncy ball all day and night. It is fun and I love that we can use it indoors and haven’t broken anything (so far). It reminds me of an exercise ball but not as heavy. We all get a good workout on our entire body. Laughing is also part of our exercise. Toys that keep my kids active and have the family playing together I’m all for it. I love when the family gets together and just have fun. I can now honestly say we all workout everyday. I would love to take our Wubble Bubble Ball to the park on the grass also. I see a Wubble Bubble Ball play date in our future. I’m sure by the time spring/summer hits we will have more than one. It comes in two colors: blue or red. We have the blue.

We haven’t stopped playing with it yet. Now every morning before school we play and when the kids come home we play. I also find myself playing during the day when I’m home. We all are addicted ( even grandma and auntie). Lol.
My daughter has her dolls jumping up and down off the ball. She also loves when the ball is thrown to her and knocks her down softly.

I was shopping in Target and saw the display of Wubble Bubble Balls and they were almost sold out. I also heard a little girl ask her mom for one. Kids already know what they want and parents pay attention and write it down because your kids will be expecting one or two for the holidays.

Just like any bubble or ball they eventually pop. Wubble Ball has a lifetime replacement guarantee which costs only $6.99 to replace a Wubble under the guarantee. You can watch a video about “How To Inflate a Wubble Ball” http://youtu.be/jy4QK8zRcAo

Wubble Ball is available at Target, Toys R Us and online at http://www.wubbleball.com
Twitter @WubbleBall and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/wubbleball

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review but my opinions are entirely my own.

Will you try the Wubble Bubble Ball?


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