3 Dec

I don’t mind doing loads and loads of laundry, but when it comes to grease stains that’s when it gets frustrating. I don’t like any kind of stains in my clothing or linens. I have pre-treated grease stains, Nothing. Tried tricks that people swear gets the grease out and Nada. So what happens? I wind up throwing out clothes or covering up linen with props so the stain doesn’t show. I even get grease burns on my skin but that’s another topic. Is there a detergent strong enough for my clothes and linens that will actually do the job? The answer is yes!!
All Mighty Pacs Stainlifters are the answer to my prayers.
According to All Holiday Stain Report:

Heading into the heaviest cooking and baking time of the year, you spend your time worrying about over cooking casseroles and undercooking holiday turkeys. That being said ‘all laundry recognizes that with all of this time in the kitchen and at the dinner table it is primetime for tough holiday stains.

* Grease and oil top the list of food stains during the holiday season. Making holiday gravy a major culprit.
* With lasagna and meatballs being very prevalent winter dishes, tomato-based sauces and condiments are some of the most frequent and toughest food stains.
* Spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, tomato sauce and ketchup are the worst offenders.
* When it comes to baking, a majority of people experience stains from snack bars, baked goods and sweets.
* However, All laundry has this covered because when it comes to the difficulty of removal and their frequency, both are generally low.

To help families with one less thing to worry about this holiday season, try ‘All laundry’s full line of tough cleaning products and combat holiday stains.

There are so many varieties to choose from and Oxi is included in some of the detergents. Check out the full line at

I don’t purposely put grease stains or any other stains in my clothes or linens but if there happen to be a stain it’s good to know All is there for me to lift the stain as if it was never there.

Disclosure: I received samples if the mighty Pacs and detergent to test out on grease stains and other stains from clothing and linens. I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% mine as always.




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