HELLO 2015 #shoutouts and #thankyou’s for 2014 and beyond!!!

31 Dec

2014 was a great year. To my readers and followers on social media I want to give you a huge SHOUT- OUT and Thank You for being you and enjoying my blog and social media posts/pics. I’m just a blogger doing what I love. To the brands and sponsors I’ve worked with, continue to work with and all the new ones in the years to come I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, my kids and my blog. To all the friends I’ve made you guys ROCK!

My family is my number one support team and without them nothing else matters. I love seeing my kids happy and I hope to provide even more for them. We will be taking our first family vacation (cruise to the Bahamas) in 2015. Hopefully we can go on more. I also want to hit the a Lotto or find a job that pays me well so we can get our dream house and live like superstars.

I also want to give public speaking a try. I love talking so why not do it and get paid. Vlogging is also something else I will be focusing on. Photography classes are on my list too. I need a DSLR to practice with so I can become a professional.

I’m just going to keep doing what I do and be grateful and keep that positive spirit. I’ve come this far and I’m not going backwards.
I hope you continue to follow me and read my blog. I love writing and sharing my pictures and opinions with you. I take my blogging serious.




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