27 Jan

Yes I live in New York and I know that I can’t have low humidity and the temperature in the 70’s all year around. I refuse to let the cold temps and snow bring me down especially when the Super Bowl is fast approaching. I love cooking, entertaining, parties and grilling. Yes, I can grill. When I lived in the Bronx I grilled so much there was a party at my house all the time. Now that I’m back in Manhattan I’m in an apartment building so it’s not happening unless I bring out an indoor small grill. It’s just not the same. Who here knows about Weber grills?

I recently attended the Weber 2015 new product reveal of the Q1200 series gas grill. Anyone that loves grilling should know that you should only invest in a Weber. I was so sad when I moved and had to leave my Weber grill behind. I’m sure someone got good use out of it.

The first thing I noticed upon entering Crave Fish Bar where the event was held was how colorful these Weber grills were. The Q1200 gas grill came in six amazing colors : Purple, Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Orange and Black. Of course I wanted one in each color and had a hard time choosing which color I wanted especially when I saw the purple first.

The second thing I loved about the Q1200 gas grill was it can fit on a balcony or can be easily transported to the park, beach, or that tailgating party. For a separate purchase ($79.99) Weber’s Q Portable Cart features a simple mechanism that allows users to set up the stand in a snap. When transporting the grill, the cart folds down with the grill attached and can simply be wheeled like a suitcase. Who would ever think transporting a grill would be this simple?

The next thing I loved learning about the Weber Q1200 gas grill besides it being a gas grill was the fact that you can make pancakes and eggs for breakfast and even a cake. Yes, a cake!!! I saw it with my own eyes. The Q1200 gas grill features 189-square inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, two folding work tables, electronic ignition and a built-in-lid thermometer to help monitor the heat inside the grill. Grillers can remove the grill grate and replace it with a porcelain-enameled cast iron griddle for cooking foods like scallops, or smaller vegetables (griddles sold separately).

I’m already thinking about what foods to have on hand and what holidays and places I will be using my grill. I can also use it on my big terrace in my building. The top holidays to grill is on the 4th of July. 83% grill on this holiday ahead of birthdays 72%, Labor Day 70% and Memorial Day 62%. I thought the Super Bowl would have the highest percentage but it came in that only 30% fire up the grill for that day. I really prefer grilling than frying and don’t need it to be a holiday to get out the grill. I can’t wait to get my Weber Q1200 gas grill in…….. FUCHSIA!!!! After a long decision that’s the color I picked. They are all beautiful but the fuchsia was calling my name.

Dinner, drinks and dessert compliments of Crave Fish Bar, NY (945 2nd Ave) was amazing. Chefs took us outside on the balcony to show us what foods they were grilling up. We learned tips and saw what the Q1200 gas grill could do in person. I’m still impressed with the cake. Amazing!!!
I’ve included pictures of Weber’s Cold Weather Grilling Tips, Recipes and How to Grill the Perfect Steaks.
For more info you can visit: http://www.weber.com/blog and http://www.weber.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weberbbq and Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/webergrills

The Weber Q1200 gas grill will be available February 2015 at major retail stores MSRP: $219.

What color will you grill on?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. These opinions are mine 100% as always. We were given gift bags and a grill will be shipped to me for review.










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