4 Mar

My kids and I are so excited to get away from New York and head to the Bahamas on Norwegian, Breakaway Cruise Lines for 7-days. This was a blessing to win this amazing vacation thanks to @themoms from Twitter. I want us to enjoy every minute and really take in the sights and explore. 

In about 4 weeks we will be saying Bon Voyage to this crazy weather and sailing to Paradise. I wish my oldest son could go but he has to work. He did go on a cruise when he was younger but would have been fun if all my kids were with me. Hopefully he can go on the next one. Oh, I didn’t tell you I won an 11-day cruise with another cruise line as well. That will be taken in 2016. Back to Norwegian. The Moms had an event where we got to go on the Breakaway Norwegian boat and see what it looks like, find out about all the activities and tour the rooms, taste the delicious foods and take in a few shows. The kids also got to meet the Nickelodeon characters. We had a great time and appreciated getting to see what a cruise ship looked like inside. My kids know exactly what they want to do on board. 

We’ve been talking about the cruise ever since we won and now comes the hard part. PACKING!! I’m going to start a list and take care of the packing ASAP. I’m so glad we don’t have to fly to Miami. The Breakaway leaves from New York. Hallelujah!! I just found my passport and found out it expired in Aughst 2014. Ten years goes by fast. I went to the DMV instead and got an enhanced driver’s license that can be used as a passport. Problem solved. Now I have to get my 18 year old son one too. A fellow mom blogger told me to take walkie-talkies because cell phones don’t always work. That was a great tip. My other blogger friend said she will loan me the two she has. That’s so sweet of her. 

Plenty of pictures will be taken so I’m glad I received my Lyve Home photo storage device that holds 1 TB of photos and videos. Whatever pictures or videos I take will be sent right to the device without taking up storage on my phone. I also won this device from another event The Moms had this year. 

I’m also glad the kids will be on Easter/Spring break for the entire time we’re on the cruise and won’t miss school. After a rough winter with kids sick from colds and asthma, and myself being admitted in hospital with asthma this vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m gonna soak up all the Caribbean sun and bring some back to New York.  

One last thing, found great sales on summer clothes at Old Navy. So glad shorts, swimming trunks and flip flops are already in stores. I racked up for all three kids. Still need more stuff and will take care of that soon. 


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