Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres & Swim Today On Why Swimming Is The #FunnestSport

8 Jun

When my daughter found out her 2nd grade class was taking swimming lessons she was very excited and so was I. She loves the water, NOW THAT IS. When she first started taking lessons with NYC Parks Department she was not having it. She was younger and was not thinking about putting her head under water or even swimming to the deep side. Now you can’t tell her nothing. Every Thursday she wakes up so happy knowing she gets to put on her bathing suit and swim with her friends. Asphalt Green swim instructors teach her class.

I wish my son also had the opportunity to continue swimming but it is only for the 2nd graders. He loves swimming too. I feel the Parks Department is too rushed and my children weren’t getting one on one attention they needed. With the lessons my daughter is taking with her school there are plenty of instructors and they take their time with their students from September to June they’ve learned so much. My daughter comes home saying I floated, held my breath, did a flip, went to the deep side and jumped in, etc,etc.. What parent wouldn’t want to hear that GREAT news when they come home? That means the instructors are doing an excellent job and so is my daughter. 

Unfortunately things have to come to an end, OR DO THEY?  Momtrends held an event with SwimToday and five-time Olympic swimmer-turned-swim-mom Dara Torres. They came together to show non-swimmers and their parents why swimming is the #FunnestSport . Swim Today teams are inviting new swimmers and families to experience the sport with incentives like customized swim caps, free trial periods and promotional materials from kits sent to 1,500 swim teams to use locally. 

Dara Torres says “being part of a swim team is one of the most fun and most rewarding experience a child can have.” She also says “she’s benefited from the sport’s value in every aspect of her life and that’s why her 9 year-old daughter is a swimmer.” Dara is passionate to share this with other parents and invite them to understand what the sport has to offer. 

Swim Today is a first of its kind marketing collaboration within the swimming industry. It is a joint, industry effort created to promote and grow participation in the sport of swimming. Swim Today focuses on the benefits of swimming, fun, fitness, friendships, self-confidence, teamwork, gaol-setting, time management, lifelong participation, swimming’s many health benefits and low rate of injury. 

Parents can check out http://www.swimtoday.org and search for teams in your area to see what is offered. Twitter @swimtoday and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/funnestsport 

Dara Torres shared her love of swimming and being a mom with us and let me just say she is funny and very sweet. Lunch was amazing from Num Pang and Swim Today was kind enough to offer swim classes for our kids for July and August. I’m so grateful my daughter will continue her swimming lessons and hopefully my son can join in on the fun as well. I also want to learn. I love taking exercise swim classes and hope to join classes this summer. We have an Asphlat Green not far from us. 

Disclosure: There wasn’t any compensation for this post. Opinions are 100% mine. I was invited to this event. Lunch and gift bag was given. Thank you Momtrends for another great event! 


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