19 Jul

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ is our favorite amusement park. We were invited to the Press/VIP event July 7th to experience the Batman The Ride Backwards rollercoaster. I’ve always loved the Batman rollercoaster and when I found out it was going backwards I knew I was going to enjoy it even more. Joining us was Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno and the Dynamic Duo Batman and Robin. I even got my mother on the ride with me. When I told her I was staying on to go again she said she would sit that one out. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, she loves rollercoasters but wanted to space them out. If my two oldest sons were there they would have went on again with me. It was amazing! No lines, media went on first and I could have rode on it all day. 

After the event ended we stayed at the park and got on more rides. My mother, sister and my two younger kids enjoyed the day. There’s so much to do and it was such a beautiful day. We stuffed our faces with delicious food,  kept cool with drinks and unlimited refills, found shaded areas and covered the whole park. My daughter took pictures with cartoon characters including Batman and Robin. Skull Mountain, Superman, Green Lantern, El Diablo, Great American Road Race and Buccaneer are just a few of our favorites. Can’t forget Bugs Bunny National Park, Bumper Cars, Skyway, Tea Cups, Carousel, and many more kid rides. 

You know I never leave without getting the famous Funnel Cake for everyone. We stayed till a little after 8pm and will be returning again this year. My family can’t stop talking about the fun we had. It’s always a pleasure when we spend the day with Six Flags Great Adventure. 

Six Flags Great Adventure, the world’s largest theme park, unveils a second thrilling roller coaster experience for 2015 as it flips one of its most innovative and adrenaline-charged coasters backwards for a limited time.

BATMAN™: The Ride becomes even more intense as it undergoes a gravity-defying role reversal from July 4th weekend to Labor Day weekend. Guests can dare to take on an all-new experience on the world-famous suspended, looping coaster when its chair lift-style train is flipped 180 degrees on the track.

BATMAN™: The Ride Backwards Fast Facts:

Soar backwards, chair-lift style (beneath the track)

50-mph juggernaut

Five gut-wrenching inversions guests never see coming

2,700 feet of twisted track

Since opening in 1993, BATMAN™: The Ride has given more than 27 million thrilling rides and reigns as one of the most popular roller coasters in the world. 

Video of Batman the Ride Backwards can be found here:

Disclosure: My family and I were invited to this Press event. Opinions are 100% mine and my family. 


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