Fiji Water & Momtrends Had Me #FijiFit  

9 Aug

Momtrends invited bloggers to a morning of fitness with Fiji Water at Peloton Cycle on West 23rd in NYC, August 6, 2015. We were going to cycle for thirty-minutes and learn of a top secret announcement from Fiji Water. 

I never took a indoor cycling class in my life. I’ve always avoided those type of classes because it’s non-stop up and down and working your legs. Yeah, I’ve been on bicycles and bikes in the gym but I get to control those. This was more like crank that level up to 40 and up and down. You talk about sweating. I’m still sweating just thinking about it while writing this post. Lol. Sometimes you need someone to kick your butt and tell you “come on you can do it!”. Especially when your doctor says exercise everyday. I wouldn’t mind taking more classes. I enjoyed with with my friends very much and my Fiji Water kept me hydrated throughout the class. Cody Rigsby our instructor was great and the class is streamed live. I also shot a Periscope of the workout before the lights turned out. 

Fiji Water has always been me and my family’s favorite water. I am telling you the honest truth. I’ve always liked the bottles. It stands out in the store and it tastes great! So, you know when I here’s there was a secret announcement I had to know what it was. 

Fiji Water has changed the look of its bottle with a narrow bodied shape by offering a 700ml bottle. How cool is that? It fits easily in strollers, car and equipment fitness cup holders. Slim looking bottle but still tastes great. I love the new shape. My kids immediately each grabbed a bottle and also noticed the difference and said they liked it and wanted more. Fiji Water it doesn’t matter what shape you come out with my family and I will always be your biggest fans. 

Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends said to “pencil exercise in your schedule/calendar at least two to three times a week”. Grab a friend and have fun! 

It was an awesome morning followed by a healthy delicious brunch. Love the gym bag that was given filled with Fiji Water and healthy snacks. Fiji Water is sending everyone that attended a 2 month supply of water and one of my readers will also win a 2 month supply so stay tuned on how to enter. Thank you Momtrends for a great #FijiFit morning. I needed that. 

Visit: @FijiWater on Twitter and for more info. 

Nicole Feliciano @Momtrends on Twitter 

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. Swag was given.  Most photos courtesy of Momtrends. 


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