#ShopkinsSwap Preview Event Recap at Toys R Us 

24 Aug

If there’s one thing my daughter is obsessed with its Shopkins. She’s been collecting since Season 1 and to be honest I absolutely don’t mind. I like them myself. They are so cute. It’s fun not knowing what she’s  getting in the package then seeing her face light up when she gets a shopkin or the special limited edition, rare or ultra rare. She plays with them everyday. They’re not expensive and you can get a pack with two or the bigger packs with twenty. There’s so many and we won’t stop till we collect them all. 

We were invited to the Media Preview Shopkins Swapkins Party at Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC on August 14. My daughter had no idea until we got to Toys R Us and she saw a character in costume and figured it out. However, I did tell her to bring a few Shopkins with her just incase she saw someone there with a Shopkin she wanted to swap with. She kept asking me “why if the swap wasn’t till that Saturday?”. “I said you never know”. 

It was amazing. We were greeted by two Shopkins characters and led into the skybox for a great breakfast and to see what’s new. We love the new Lego Shopkins. There were Shopkins on the tables to also trade with and cookie decorating table, coloring and just swapping away. My daughter did good and got a few Shopkins she’s been wanting. She loved swapping with MommyandGracieShow and DisneyCarsToys. 

Kids were also given a Limited Edition NY Apple Blossom Shopkins. Only 800 of these were made. That made my daughter’s day. Looking forward to collecting Lego Shopkins for my daughter and I’m sure Season 4 will be just as fun. 

We had a great time. Thank you Toys R Us and Moose Toys for the invite. Yes, once again we rode the ferris wheel. It’s a must!! 

Check out @ShopkinsWorld @ToysRUs and @Moose_Toys on Twitter. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. My daughter was given swag. Opinions are ours 100% as always. 


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