Smashburger’s New Better For You Kids Meal 

14 Sep

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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smashburger.” All opinions are mine 100%. 

After a fun day at an event with my kids I surprised them by taking them to Smashburger in lower Manhattan for a meal. I’ve never been to Smashburger nor my kids so this was exciting for all of us. I’ve heard of them before but never came across one. 

We were there to try Smashburger’s new, better-for-you kid’s meal menu which consisted of Grilled Chicken Strips and Musselman’s Unsweetened Squeezable Apple Sauce and a drink. Unfortunately our location didn’t carry kid’s meals and my kids were hungry and I didn’t travel all the way down there to not try something so we ordered smashburgers in which I had the Sin City Burger, fries, haystack onions, a salad and drinks. I was disappointed they didn’t carry the kid’s meal but still made the best out of it and enjoyed everythingthing we ordered. 

We enjoyed eating out at Smashburger and trying good affordable food as a family. I also took home burgers, and fries for my 19 year old son and he enjoyed it as well. We took milkshakes to go. I recently was in the neighborhood and stopped back in to Smashburger to talk to the manager about the kid’s meal. He said it’s coming soon and staff has been trained to prepare and will be put in the system. It will include what I mentioned above. I believe he said it’s coming later this month or this year. Couldn’t remember exact but this post is due way before that so I couldn’t wait. He did let me order the 3-piece grilled chicken strips for the kids to test out. I took it home and they tried it. 

My kids are chicken lovers and they approved of these. The Grilled Chicken Strips are 100% premium all-white meat. I love that. When my local Smashburger get the kid’s meal they can enjoy an entrée, side and drink for a total of $5.49. 

Besides the Musselman’s Unsweetened Squeezables they can also choose one of the three drink options: Organic HONEST Kids® Juice, Horizon Milk®, or a fountain drink, A USDA organic beverage, Organic HONEST Kids Juice is sweetened only with fruit juice, has ½ the sugar of leading kids juice drinks and 100% of the daily dose of Vitamin C Horizon Milk, a USDA organic beverage. 
You can go to their website for more info:

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smashburger.” Opinions are 100% mine and my kids.


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