Give Halo’s for Valentine’s Day The Healthy Alternative 

11 Feb

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day by giving your little angels a healthy snack alternative that’s filled with “pure goodness”!  

 Wonderful Halos mandarins are:

· A sweet, seedless and easy to peel snack that’s a healthy alternative to fatty foods

· About 50 calories delivering 45 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C 

 What better way to celebrate Valentine’s day with nature’s perfect valentine, Wonderful Halos! We’re making Valentine’s day easy this year. Learn how to make a healthy valentine that your kid’s classmates will love in just a handful of steps. Tutorials for how to make Halos Origami Heart and Halos Heart Box are available on their Facebook page and blog. A box of Halos makes enough valentines for an entire class AND you’ll get an A+ for originality this Valentine’s day. Think outside the chocolate box and replace unhealthy snacks and candy for a sweet and healthy Halo that’s sure to win your Valentine’s heart! 
 My kids and I enjoy Halo’s so much we can each eat about 2 a day. They prefer Halo’s than orange juice and I don’t mind. I always make sure to have them for their school lunch and afternoon snack. Sometimes my daughter will pick a Halo over dessert. I’m right there with her. We also take them with us when we’re out for the day and also on road trips. Have you seen the Halo’s commercials? We crack up every time we see them. 

Waking up to a nice juicy Halo is a great burst of energy. Easy to peel and there are no seeds to pick out. What’s better than that? What will you give your little ones for Valentine’s Day? The healthy way is a great way!! 

Check out @halosfun on Twitter and for videos and more info. Also check out Wonderful Halos on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was given product for my honest review. 

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