Momtrends 6th Annual Travel Event 

25 Apr

Momtrends held their 6th Annual Travel Trends Event at Ivivva in Union Square. This year I definitely want to explore and travel even if it’s local I appreciate all the tips and cool trends I can get. As I walked in Ivivva with my kids I was given a passport to use set each table as I talked to brands and get a stamp in my book as if I’m traveling. My daughter quickly ran to the kids table with her friends and decorated her Seedling bag and received goodies. Seedling creates uniquely innovative products that encourages families to build, imagine and play together. Check them out here: 

 Ebags was the first table my son and I talked to. The colors on the bags drew me in. The backpacks and luggage are just what I need for my cruise. I also adore the packing cubes for my shoes and other items. The bags have a lifetime guarantee which is a big plus in my book. Ebags is the world’s leading online retailer of bags and travel accessories. I was happy to receive a packing cube in my gift bag. It’s so lightweight but holds just what I need. Head to now.  

 You can’t have a travel event without Hershey’s chocolate being present. Not only was the largest Hershey’s chocolate bar in our gift bags there was also a chocolate fountain pouring chocolate on fruit, pretzels or marshmallows. My kids enjoyed that station. Experience the new Chocolate Making Tour at Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction this summer. Check the website for more info: 

 Cool Gear has awesome BPA free products for on the go. In our gift bags we received the cutest travel tubes  that can hold anything like lotion, shampoo, sunscreen, etc.. Love the bright colors and the different sizes. Website for more info: and @coolgearinc on Twitter 

 Igloo Coolers always make t easy for me to choose what I need for my parties, picnics, bbq’s and road trips. Their coolers, totes and buckets keep my drinks and food cool and happy. I’m still stalking the Party Bar that lights up with LED lights when it’s dark out and hold a ton of drinks. I also love the half gallon sport jug which I have. Go to @igloocoolers on Instagram for the latest.  

 Talbots hooked the Momtrends ladies up with gorgeous outfits. They looked spring like as if they were ready to cruise and dance the night away . I loved them all. Very classic. See the latest styles at and @talbotsofficial on Twitter 

 Ivivva where the event was held is inspired by active girls. If you need athletic wear for your daughter like leggings, leotards, jackets and accessories this is the place to get it. Nicole Feliciano and Sherri Schubert from Momtrends introduced their daughters who modeled a few of the clothes from Ivivva and also showed us how easy these pieces can be packed in their backpacks without taking up any room for a week away from easy and no ironing required. They all did an amazing job. Follow @ivivva on Twitter for more info.  

 Go Picnic nutritious ready to eat meals were a hit with the kids and adults. My daughter took some to school for her lunch. There’s a variety to choose from like salami, turkey, hummus, sunbutter and turkey pepperoni to name a few. There’s also Go a Picnic Snacks and Go Picnic Breakfast. Gluten free, vegetarian and kosher. Buy online or in your local grocery store. and @GoPicnic on Twitter 

 I’ve not a fan of tap water but I am a big fan of water that has an alkaline 9.5 pH or higher. I’ve only found a few and I’m proud to discover Essentia Water. This water is an electrolyte enhanced water with the alkaline of 9.5 pH. I’ve always been a walker and my Fitbit keeps track of my steps so I’ve been doing great with walking 10,000 or more steps every time I go out. Essentia Water will be by my side to keep me hydrated. @EssentiaWater on Instagram @EssentiapHwater on Twitter and website.  

 I’d like to thank Momtrends for another fun event. My kids and I enjoyed spending the evening with you and all the brands and taking home great tips for travel and a great gift bag. 

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. Opinions are mine 100% as always. A few pictures are compliments of Momtrends. 

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