Mix & Mingle with Momtrends and Fairy Tales Hair Products #FairyTalesMix

19 May

Do you try to prevent things from happening to you or your family to avoid stress and headaches or do you just deal with the problem when it happens? 

I’m that mom that tries to prevent things from happening like my asthma for instance so I take preventive medication to avoid an asthma attack. I also make sure everyone gets a flu shot to avoid getting the flu and so on. 

Momtrends invited bloggers to Mix and Mingle with them and Fairy Tales Hair Products to celebrate the newly reformulated hair products. 

Did you know there are preventive hair care products to prevent catching head lice? Fairy Tales Hair Products have been around since 1999 delivering high quality products to your family. Shampoos, Comditioners, Detanglers, Sprays and even a Survival Kit at your service. 

I’m sure no one wants to wake up to a head full of lice. I’ve heard stories of how easy it to catch it. Sharing hats, combs, brushes, sleepovers and at camp sharing pillows, the list goes on and on. So if you could prevent a problem like head lice from happening wouldn’t you take the time to use the product? 

Here’s more info about lice: 

Lice are mostly spread through head-to-head contact. Lice infest children more than adults because they have more physical contact at that age.
Lice can survive up to 36 hours off the human head on clothing and other personal items such as hats, helmets, brushes, combs, hair ties, towels and head phones. They do not fly or jump. They crawl. Lice can also survive in water as they go into a state of suspended animation. Chlorine does not kill them. Pets do not carry the same type of head lice as children.

Here are tips for preventing head lice: 

Do a weekly head check. A quick check of the “hot spots” (behind the ears, back of the neck and at part lines) on a weekly basis can help prevent an outbreak.

Teach children NOT to share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. Going to a princess party? Wipe down the tiara first. At sporting events, never share helmets or caps.

Keep long hair up in a ponytail or in a braid. Secure styles with styling aids. The extra coating will make it harder for lice to attach to the hair.

At school, daycare or camp make sure to store jackets, nap mats, backpacks and hats in separate cubbies or in a sealed bag.

Use lice prevention hair care products every day! Organic herbs such as rosemary, tea tree and citronella found in Rosemary Repel Hair Care® are proven safe, gentle and effective to help prevent head lice.

Another great things is their formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s allergies, they are now dairy, gluten and nut-free too! 

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Summer is right around the corner. Prepare in advance.

These pictures courtesy of Momtrends.

Check out http://www.fairytaleshaircare.com for more info and @ fairytaleshaircare on Twitter

Thank you to Momtrends for a wonderful night. 

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

4 Responses to “Mix & Mingle with Momtrends and Fairy Tales Hair Products #FairyTalesMix”

  1. fatgirllovecake May 27, 2016 at 1:02 pm #

    Great post!

  2. Nicole Feliciano May 31, 2016 at 2:21 pm #

    Nice Pictures! The mix was so much fun. Its great to find a product that is destructive towards lice, but gentle on the hair.

    • nilimo72 May 31, 2016 at 2:25 pm #

      Thank you. I agree very effective yet gentle. This was a fun event and love the products.

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