#TheBFG Movie Review 

29 Jun

Do you know any Big Friendly Giants? I surely don’t but if I did I would hope to know the one in Disney’s new movie The BFG. There are giants living in Giant Country and one of them is the friendliest giant you could ever meet. We were invited to a screening yesterday in Times Square. 

Sophie, a little orphan girl opens the curtain and spots something she shouldn’t see and is taken on a journey to Giant Country by a ginormous giant. Why did this giant take Sophie? He tells her he doesn’t want her to tell anyone about him because he doesn’t want to be locked away. 

BFG’s language isn’t quite the English language you’d expect to hear which is what makes it even more funnier when he speaks. He’s never had schooling but he can read. He’s never even had a grind or compliments for that matter. Listen closely for the unusual words he use.

BFG is a dream collector and can turn your dreaming into a friendly or evil one. He’s bullied by even more bigger incompetent Giants who can’t do anything for themselves and bother BFG for no reason. 

Once the bullies find out BFG is hiding a human they won’t stop until they find her. Sophie is a fighter though and a smart cookie who with the help of BFG enlist the help of The Queen of England.(Queen Mum) to get rid of these giant bullies for good. Do they succeed? I guess you have to check out the movie coming to theaters July 1st. Check @BFGMovie on Twitter for more info. 

Steven Spielberg did an amazing job. Ruby Barnhill plays Sophie and she’s so cute. She was perfect for the part. 

A Snozzcumber is a disgusting vegetable that BFG eats in Giant Country. It’s the only food he has. When you see it you will see why it’s disgusting. 

We enjoyed this film very much. We had a GLORIUMPTIOUS time. 

Disclosure: We were invited to attend screening by Disney. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

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