Blogger Bash Recap 2016 #BBNYC 

26 Jul

I received an email congratulating me that I was picked to volunteer at Blogger Bash this year and I was super excited. I almost didn’t sign up to volunteer but I’m glad I did. Always go with your gut. This year Blogger Bash was held on the Cornucopia Majesty Boat at Pier 81 in New York. That’s right we were on a boat for two days and I couldn’t wait to see how much fun it was going to be. I’ve attended every Blogger Bash so far. 

The first day I was scheduled to volunteer at 10am. I arrived early and was given my assignment. It really is a lot of work with preparing for a successful Blogger Bash. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes is incredible. It takes a village of people to make everything perfect. I assisted with a few brands and helped them carry their boxes to their tables, handed out water, retrieved tools, tables and whatever work needed to be done. I had no problem running up and down the steps. That was my exercise for the day. It was nice and cool on the boat. 

I loved the Speed Pitch part of the agenda and getting to know the Food & Lifestyle brands one on one. Everyone was so friendly and I look forward to working with each and every one of them. I even tried crickets. They were dead. 

The Expo part was also another favorite of mine as I went around table to table learning about the brands and who I wanted to work with. I just want to say everything from vibrators, to pizza and Mario Kart electric racing cars were on tables. Can’t wait to bring you my reviews of all the goodies from Blogger Bash. 

It’s always hard to see the last day of Blogger Bash come to an end. I met so many great people and made new friends. But I’m glad we always go out with a bang. It poured rain right before the party started and the sun came out of nowhere and everyone was able to party on the upper deck outside. We danced our hearts out and took a tour to the Statue Of Liberty and back. It was great! 

I can’t wait to see how they top this Blogger Bash next year. I also wouldn’t mind volunteering again. It was such a pleasure and great experience. 

Disclosure: My ticket was provided to me through Blogger Bash in exchange for volunteering. Opinions are mine 100% as always. Thank you to the Blogger Bash staff. 

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