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@themoms @LyveMinds LYVE APP & LYVE HOME IS FOR ME!! #BigBelliMOMS

30 Jan

I want to introduce you to one of the best photo storage app ever. It’s name is Lyve. I don’t know how many people tell me they don’t have enough space on their phone to take pictures. I hate when I’m somewhere and need to get a shot and that message comes up. Cannot take picture. Check your storage. OMG it is the worse. I have almost 3000 photos on my phone and refuse to keep buying more and more storage. My iPad is also over capacity. I don’t want to delete my photos especially the memories of my kids and my work as a blogger and I don’t want to transfer my pictures to my desktop which is about to die any day now. HELP!!!!!!

I went to my friend house and discovered this cute Lyve Home box that was sitting in her living room with all of her pictures that she had from her phone just streaming one after another. Amazing is what I thought. How did you do that? Where did you get that? I want that is what I was saying. When she told me it holds 2 terabytes of storage I almost fell off the couch. Where have you been all my life? I’ve lost so many pictures and wish I had knew about this years ago.

I can finally take pictures and not get that annoying message popping up and know that my pictures are safe and my family and friends can enjoy seeing our pictures when they come over. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

First thing I have to do is actually get one of these bad boys. Have no fear!!
I recently attended another MAMARAZZI event with @themoms ,supermodel Molly Sims and Lyve reps were in attendance. I was so happy to see them and ask questions. I didn’t even know there was a Lyve app as well and was happy to get information about that. So I was told Lyve works with IOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Macs, and Window PCs. Thumbs up for that. Once you install the app on your devices Lyve will pull together all of your photos AND videos into a single library so you can find, share and view your photos wherever you go.

So guess what I did? I installed the app to my iPhone and iPad immediately. My photos and videos from my iPhone and iPad were synced. It really is amazing. I kid you not.

The Lyve Home has a LCD touchscreen, 2 terabytes of storage that I was talking about earlier and connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It sets up in seconds and will continue to backup new photos and videos as you capture them. Also, up to three additional users can share storage on Lyve Home, with private access to their own accounts.

I truly love this app and can’t wait to see the Lyve Home in my home for my family to see. This year my family is going on our first vacation together to the Bahamas on a cruise and I want to capture every moment with my kids.

The Lyve Home can be purchased for $299 for 2 terabytes of storage at retail stores or from the Lyve store. The app is free to download on the App Store. Check out their website: and on Twitter : @lyveminds

I took pictures of my iPhone and iPad that shows the Lyve app that I downloaded. I also took a pic of my pictures from the Lyve app from my phone. You can see the timeline.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% mine as always. Some pictures photo credit to myself, Fredy Mfuko and Mission 101 Media.







15 May

Denise and Melissa of @themoms have been keeping my kids and I very busy this year with soooo many events. Some I couldn’t attend but the ones I could I am so glad I did. We always have an amazing time and I get to see all my friends, and so do my kids, and we just relax for a few hours. It is truly a blessing for the things that have come my way because of being a blogger. I take my job very serious and appreciate everything and everyone.

That morning before the Amazing Spider-Man Red Carpet we attended Denise and Melissa had a book signing and luncheon with the fabulous Robin Roberts news anchor from “Good Morning America.” I took my mother in law along with me so she could meet Robin and enjoy a good steak at the famous NYY Steak restaurant.
“Everybody’s got something.” That’s what Robin Roberts’ mother used to tell her. For the “Good Morning America” co-anchor, her something was myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS, a rare blood disorder. Roberts, a breast cancer survivor, underwent a bone marrow transplant in September 2012 to treat MDS, receiving donor cells from her sister, Sally Ann, and candidly documented her journey.
Now, in a new memoir, “Everybody’s Got Something,” out today, she opens up her battle and the incredible support system — including her family, and friends, who helped her get through it all, from the shock of the diagnosis through each milestone in her recovery.
I enjoyed the luncheon and I am currently reading her book. Her book is currently available for purchase in your major bookstores or online. #robertsmamarazzi















We also attended The Legends of Oz Dorothy’s Return screening about 5 days later and had a Q&A with Megan Hilty at the Park Avenue Screening Room. My kids and I enjoyed this movie very much. I think all the characters were fun. Dorothy going back to Kansas to help out her friends. Who would ever imagine? The kids had treats from Baked by Melissa and my son even managed to snag a selfie with Megan Hilty. Megan Hilty’s character in the movie is the “China Princess.” She did a great job. This movie was fun. In theaters now!! #LegendsOfOz








The next event was held at Dylan’s Candy Bar for the Happy Baby Foundation Charity event with shoe designer Yosi Samra

The Happy Baby Foundation is dedicated to identifying and investing in the most promising research for this genetic disorder. Most exciting is that the cross-lateral results of Prader- Willi Syndrome research has opened doors to treatments for not only those suffering with PWS, but other debilitating conditions as well. Such side effects as lack of hunger control and associated obesity, delayed development and motor skills, emotional issues, and chemical imbalances can be treated allowing these beautiful children to fulfill their potential and to enjoy a happy life.

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a genetic disorder that occurs in approximately one out of every 15,000 births. PWS affects males and females with equal frequency and affects all races and ethnicities. PWS is recognized as the most common genetic cause of life-threatening childhood obesity. Check out for more info.

Guests attending were able to get their hair braided at the John Barrett Braid Bar, snag a cool temporary tattoo from Tattly and grab some goodies from Egg by Susan Lazar. Enjoyed lite bites and beverages from Freshmade NYC and Arizona Beverage Company. Also my daughter received a free pair of Yosi Samra shoes and I purchased a pair for myself. It was all for a good cause. Had a great time!!
Yosi Samra twitter is @yosisamra
Egg Baby on Twitter is @susanlazar
@Freshmadenyc Twitter
@ArizonaBeverage on Twitter
















30 Apr

I was invited to a special evening with Wendy Williams, and Burlington at The Hudson Bond April 23rd but didn’t make it in time. I was disappointed because not only did I miss seeing Wendy, I also wanted to show my outfit off on the red carpet that I purchased because Burlington sent me a $50 gift card and I was able to pick out 2 blouses and a skirt. I went over by $7 but that was okay. Burlington prices are so low I wasn’t concerned.

When I met Wendy the first time she had a book released and now she’s dine it again with her new novel “Hold Me In Contempt.” Just from the title I was ready to start reading, but like I said I didn’t make it so I wasn’t able to get a copy. However, my friend who did make it let me hold her copy to read and now I have a few days to relax and enjoy the book.

From the pictures I saw that were taken at the event Wendy goes all out when it comes to her style of dressing and her wigs. I heard she gave fashion advice, and chatted with everyone like they were all girlfriends. I promise not to miss anymore Wendy events in the future. I also promise to read her book ASAP.

I’d like to than @themoms for the invite and @Burlington for the gift card. Put a gift card in my hand in a room full of clothes and I’ll take off full speed. I love shopping!!!

Check out for the latest styles, and brand names for up to 65% off department stores.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was given a $50 gift card courtesy of Burlington. Opinions are 100% mine.






27 Jul


These are just a few celebrities I’ve met in my life. They were all down to earth and I loved talking to them. Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry. Some of them were before my upgrade to an IPad mini and IPhone5. I’ve also met Henry Winkler and Kevin James who were also very nice and I had pictures with the both of them but don’t know where I saved it. I have also seen Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, and Jill Scott at a Red Carpet movie screening. The list goes on and on.I look forward to meeting more celebrities in the future.
Here are the names of the celebrities pictured above:
Tina Fet- actress
Marcus Samuelson- chef
Sandra Lee- chef/TV host/author
Ty Pennington- TV host
Pit Bull- rapper/actor
Alison Sweeney- actress/author
Wendy Williams- TV talk show host/actress/author
Minnie and Mickey Mouse- Cartoon characters
Tyson Beckford- model/TV host
Shaq- NBA Basketball Player
Will Smith- actor/rapper
Jaden Smith- actor/rapper
Jerry O’Connell-actor
Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings- professional beach volleyball player
Elisabeth Rohm- actress/author
Jane Lynch- actress
Elle Varner- singer/songwriter
Darryl Strawberry- former baseball player

Fun Day Of Shopping w/ @ElisabethRohm and @themoms

14 May

There’s nothing like walking in @HenriBendel and wanting everything in there. The colors of the scarves, jewelry, handbags, makeup. Everything is just beautiful. I got the privilege to not only shop but meet Elisabeth Rohm in person for a book signing of her new book Baby Steps “Having the Child I Always Wanted”. She talked about going through menopause at an early age and the struggle with infertility. She is very sweet and can’t wait to read her book. I feel like we are girlfriends. We were giving each other high fives, hugs, and smooches. She also said she wanted to borrow my earrings that I was purchasing from Henri Bendel with my 20% off coupon.I told her “Of course you can”. She said “that’s what girlfriends do, they go in each others closets and borrow things”. I’m cool with that. I would love to borrow from her closet. 🙂

Her book is very inspiring to women who are having difficulty having children, and infertility issues. I enjoyed this day thanks to @themoms.

I also donated diapers and wipes to @loverecycled founded by Jessica Seinfeld to provide critical items to America’s vulnerable families. I loved doing that.























Muy Bueno Cookbook Book Signing @MuyBuenoCooking @LaCasaAzulBooks

14 Apr

I took my kids to a book signing @LaCasaAzulBooks bookstore located in East Harlem to hear about and get the fabulous cookbook Muy Bueno Three Generations Of Authentic Mexican Flavor. First let me start by saying this is the best looking bookstore ever!!! I would live there if I could. Lol. The owner is beautiful and sweet and they have so many events and cooking classes.They’ve only been around 10 months so they have a 1 year anniversary coming up in June. It is so neat and quiet, set up is amazing, gorgeous stove that I wanted to take home, and my daughter immediately ran to the kids section where I purchased 2 books and stickers for her, a Spanish/English dictionary for my son, and for me the cookbook that was featured.

A family that cooks and eats together stays together and this amazing cookbook proves that. Three generations giving their audience delicious recipes through their grandmother’s eyes for her Mexican cuisine, their mother’s South of the border home style dishes, and the Latin fusion from the 3rd generation authors and sisters Veronica Gonzalez Smith, and Yvette Marquez Sharpnack.

I come from a mixed family so I grew up learning the Spanish recipes from my father whose parents are from Spain, Comfort foods from my grandmother who was from North Carolina, and my mother whose not too much of a cook I paid attention but taught her a lot as I got older. To this day she prefers my cooking over her own. I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely love cooking, baking, and enjoy having my kids in the kitchen with me learning and getting dirty, also paying attention, and asking questions. Kids grow up so fast and they need to know how to cook and not depend on anyone or fast food restaurants. I’m not saying they should ever turn down a meal if someone wants to cook for them or if they want to go to a restaurant but it’s very important to have this skill.

What made me want to attend this book signing was I wanted to try some new recipes that were authentic and any recipe that you can remember or still have on paper from your grandmother you know it’s gonna be good. I also love the fact that it is created by three generations who will also pass it down to their kids. The pictures are beautiful and makes you want to dive right in. I always wanted to write a cookbook but never knew where to start. Maybe one day.

Veronica and Yvette had a dish prepared for the audience to sample. It was their amazing Mushroom, Jalapeño, and Cilantro Salsa. I’m not a fan of mushrooms but when I tasted it you couldn’t even tell they were in there because the other ingredients were so good as well I forgot about them.

I want to make the Cilantro Lime Rice and the Coconut Flan because my father used to always give my sister and I flan. All the recipes are simple and I can’t wait to try them. I will post pictures when I do. I urge you to purchase this warm and inviting book for your collection and visit La Casa Azulejo Bookstore located at 143 E. 103rd Street between Lexington and Park in East Harlem NY.

Enjoy the pictures!!