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Neil Patrick Harris, Jif Snacks & Comedy at Caroline’s on Broadway #JifPowerUps #AD

2 Jul

I was invited to an exclusive event with Neil Patrick Harris at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC. It was a comedy event that playfully pokes fun of the daily power struggles between children and their parents (which we can all relate to). Neil introduced a new line of Jif snacks. Jif Power Ups granola bars and clusters.

I cried my eyes out so hard with the improv actors who acted out scenes of the struggles we go through as parents with our kids. I have 4 kids so I’ve been through it all. The entire audience was cracking up. From potty training to car rides and everything else in between all I could do besides laugh was shake and nod my head to agree with scene acted out.

Neil Patrick Harris was a great emcee. Of course I got a selfie with him. That’s what I do.

The food and drinks were great and even though I’m not a big fan of peanut butter but I will eat it if it’s mixed with chocolate or strawberries. I enjoyed the Jif Power Ups granola bars. So many flavors to choose from. Just throw them in your purse, pocket, lunch bag or car. They are great anytime. Which flavor will you and your family try?

Check out Jif on Instagram @jifbrand and @Jif on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. Thank you to The Moms for the invite.

I Toured The Set of Comedy Show #KevinCanWait

28 Oct

What are you doing Monday night at 8pm? Hopefully you’ll be indoors stuffing your face with your kids candy and watching a hilarious episode of Kevin Can Wait on CBS at its new time. 

I was invited to tour the set of Kevin Can Wait and there was also a Q&A with none other Kevin James and Erinn Hayes who plays his wife. Bloggers took a bus and headed to Long Island. Director Andy Fickman welcomed us and asked Kevin and Erinn questions that we wrote down. I asked Kevin and Erinn since the show is about Kevin retiring When so you see yourself retiring and what would be the first thing you would do when you retire? Do they have a bucket list? 

Erinn said she wants a Volkswagen camper van to go cruise around on an adventure. Kevin said he loves what he do and want to do it as long as he can (stand up, movies, comedy). No retiring anytime soon. Then Erinn said she wants t retire between seasons. She also enjoys what she’s doing. 

Andy gave us the behind the scenes scoop on how the cameras capture those moments, showed us the pictures on the wall are of the actual actors, Mets souvenirs ( Kevin said if you’re a Yankee fan you shouldn’t be there) Lol. If there’s a scene in the bathroom that requires running water they have to call in a plumber to start the water and stop it as soon as that scene finishes because it doesn’t really work. Who would have known? Andy also mentioned they love when there’s a pizza scene because the staff can’t wait to eat the pizza. He said the pizza is very good. I also believed he said the audience gets some too. Ok can I just be an extra? I need an agent. I absolutely loved the set and live the show even more. I’ve been a Kevin James fan for a long time. I like his character and the fact that he’s playing a husband and father. The whole cast is funny. 

This is my second time meeting him. I also can’t wait to see his Netflix movie TRUE MEMOIRS OF AN INTERNATIONAL ASSASSIN. 

Here is a clip of the upcoming Halloween episode airing 10/31 8pm on CBS. Check your local listings. Enjoy!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Mother’s Day Movie Review In Theater’s Now! #SITCcelebratesMothersDay

8 May

Since today is Mother’s Day I’m sure you already have plans of what you’re going to do. Just in case you don’t may I suggest you head to the movies and see Mother’s Day with stars Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis to name a few. Brianne Manz from @strollerinthecity invited me and a group of moms to a special Mother’s Day night of fun to see the Mother’s Day film. We had a theater to ourselves and was given popcorn, water and goodie bags filled with Lindt Chocolates, Fandango mug, notepad, buttons and gift card, also a $50 gift certificate towards a facial or massage from Cornelia Spa at the Surrey. What a treat! 

I’ve met Jason Sudeikis and Kate Hudson before and they are both great. I knew Jennifer Aniston was going to be funny in this movie and I love Julia Roberts. It was also good to see Sarah Chalke who I remember as (Becky) from rhe sitcom Roseanne. The whole cast was great! I love comedies and enjoyed laughing throughout the movie. Garry Marshall did a wonderful job as Director.Check your local theaters for tickets and time. If you want to get your laugh on this is the movie to see. My mother and sister saw it together and they also enjoyed it. 

Here’s the link: @seemothersday on Instagram and Twitter 

Check out @Fandango and @Lindt_Chocolate on Twitter 

Disclosure: This post is not compensated. Opinions are mine 100%. Gift bags were given. Thank you Brianne for a fun night out. 


30 Sep

A night of comedy is something we all could use once in a while. Laughing is the best medicine. Hubby and I were invited to a night of comedy at Caroline’s on Broadway. We’ve never been to Caroline’s so this was a special treat. We acted like tourists for the day hanging in Times Square, taking pics and buying treats. We met up with our blogger friends and got our laugh on.

Comedians that took the stage were Marlon Wayans (actor, comedian), Sherri Shepherd (former co-host of The View, starring in Broadway’s Cinderella), Michael Che (comedian, co-anchor of SNL’s a Weekend Update), Michelle Buteau (comedian, V H1 Best Week Ever).

P&G and #NYTough played a big part in this night. The comedians performed stand up on what it means to be #NYTough with brands from Bounty, Crest, Dawn, Febreeze, Head & Shoulders, Secret and Tide. The #NYTough campaign gives New Yorkers a break from the unique challenges they face every day in the city with practical solutions provided by the brands I mentioned above. New Yorkers shared their honest and hilarious stories about the tough situations they encounter day-to-day using the hashtag #NYTough.

If you recognize the comedians I mentioned then you know we were laughing all night. We had a blast. I was crying. Sherri and Marlon made eye contact with me while telling their jokes. It was my first time hearing Michelle and Michael live. They all had me in tears and did a wonderful job. I didn’t want the show to end. We could have stayed all night especially with the free appetizers and drinks. Lol.

Marlon took my phone and did a selfie with my blogger buddies at our table. He even retweeted my tweets. Yes he retweets. He is very nice. They all smiled for the cameras and took pics with guests.

My #NYTough situations I encounter are always in the hot, smelly, overcrowded train stations from pushing, bookbags shoving me in my back, smelly breath and underarms, and the horrible underground smells. I throw my clothes in the washing machine as soon as possible with Tide after sitting on the train, spray my pocketbooks with Febreeze, always have Bounty in my bag to hold the handlebar with, make sure I brush with Crest, use Secret deodorant so I smell fresh, Head & Shoulders for the hair and Dawn for my dishes and some clothes because it really gets the grease out.

I go through #NYTough situations everyday so that makes me one tough New Yorker.

We really enjoyed the show and hope to return to Caroline’s on Broadway in the future. It was nice for hubby and I to see a comedy show again. We haven’t seen one in a while.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are mine 100% as always.