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Part Of My Family: Honest Tea, Honest Kids Organic Drinks 

21 Sep

When it comes to drinks for my kids I aim for the ones without high fructose corn syrup. It’s very difficult and tricky sometimes when reading labels. You might have no sugar added but then you have ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Is there really no sugar added? Then there’s your flavors. I’m sure every kid likes their drinks to taste good. My kids are all about the flavors and I’m all about teaching them about the healthy but also flavorful drinks. 

That’s where Honest Kids organic fruit drinks come in to play. Yes, organic and sweetened only with organic fruit juice. The flavors are amazing I find myself sneaking a few pouches to take with me. 

In 2013, they removed the organic cane sugar from all Honest Kids varieties and found a way to deliver the same great taste by sweetening the juice drinks only with fruit juice.
Super Fruit Punch and Berry Berry Good Lemomade are my kids top two favorites. There are also Appley Ever After, Goodness Grapeness, and Tropical Tango Punch. Don’t these flavors sound incredible? They are, and I make sure to stock up for school lunches and adventures so my kids can stay hydrated with favorite quench thirsting drink. 

Honest Tea made sure to look out for the adults too. Today, Honest Tea is the nation’s top selling organic bottled tea, and is carried in more than 100,000 outlets. 

The Honest Tea Glass Bottles have awesome flavors like: Peach-Oo-La-Long Tea, Radiant Raspberry Tea, Moroccan Mint Green Tea and Mango White Tea just to name a few. 
The Honest Tea Iced Teas are certified organic, 100 calories or less per bottle and just a tad sweet are what I buy all the time. A few of the delicious flavors are Half Tea & Half Lemonade, Honey Green Tea and Lemon Tea. These come in plastic bottles. 


Honest Fizz is a refreshing take on certified organic zero-calorie soda with a modern (and Honest) twist. Zero- calories per can. Flavors include: Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Professor Fizz, Orange Pop and Lemon Limey.

Organic Lemonades, a Limeade and a Half & Half in family-sized bottles, sweetened with fair trade sugar. Love family sized bottles especially with all the thirsty members in my home. 

Honest specializes in offering beverages that range from unsweetened and zero grams of sugar to ones that are “just a tad sweet.” Their teas, juice drinks and sodas use a variety of natural sweeteners.

My kids packed two Honest Kids pouches each for lunch the first day of school. They still do. 


Check out Twitter: @HonestTea and on the web:

Have you tried Honest Tea? What flavors do you like? 
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Honest Tea was kind enough to send me and my family samples to try for review. My opinions are 100% my own. 

French Toast A Uniform For A Kids Life

24 Aug

French Toast America’s leading uniform brand is expanding and they invited me and a few bloggers to a Back-To-School breakfast to unveil their new look of play and weekend wear. I’ve always been a fan of French Toast uniforms. The adjustable waists and power knees in the pants are my absolute favorite. Kids always seem to rip their pants at the knees first so to know these power knees are double protected makes me a happy parent. Adjustable waists I always look for because I buy my kids clothes a size bigger to last longer and having that is good so when it’s time to let a button loose they still can fit the pants or skirt. 

You can check out the new commercial which highlights the Power Knees and 50 Wash Test. In the 30-second spot, acrobatic kids put French Toast to a uniform test by doing the things they do throughout their day: running, jumping and flipping through sporty and sticky situations while wearing French Toast. At the end of the spot, the kids…and their uniforms…look great.  

The commercial highlights the versatility of the brand’s fashions. French Toast is a uniform for a kids life, offering both school uniforms as well as essentials to mix and match for everyday wear. It is durable with Power Knees to withstand even the most energetic kids. It’s comfortable with adjustable waistbands and soft fabrics that allow for easy wear. And most importantly, it will stand up to the 50 Wash Test and lasts throughout the school year and beyond. French Toast has been refreshed and reimagined to better fit every student’s school needs. Check it out here: 

The play and weekend wear is perfect. I can’t wait for 2016 to release these comfortable, fun clothes. Graphic tanks and tees, leggings, raincoats, sweaters, colorful shorts and cool hats. The accessories are great and compliment the outfits. I wish my son could still fit into French Toast but my daughter will love the new collection.  

Breakfast was great. Of course you know we had to have french toast right? Check out French Toast on the web at: and on Twitter: @FrenchToastcom

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was given clothes for review. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 


#ShopkinsSwap Preview Event Recap at Toys R Us 

24 Aug

If there’s one thing my daughter is obsessed with its Shopkins. She’s been collecting since Season 1 and to be honest I absolutely don’t mind. I like them myself. They are so cute. It’s fun not knowing what she’s  getting in the package then seeing her face light up when she gets a shopkin or the special limited edition, rare or ultra rare. She plays with them everyday. They’re not expensive and you can get a pack with two or the bigger packs with twenty. There’s so many and we won’t stop till we collect them all. 

We were invited to the Media Preview Shopkins Swapkins Party at Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC on August 14. My daughter had no idea until we got to Toys R Us and she saw a character in costume and figured it out. However, I did tell her to bring a few Shopkins with her just incase she saw someone there with a Shopkin she wanted to swap with. She kept asking me “why if the swap wasn’t till that Saturday?”. “I said you never know”. 

It was amazing. We were greeted by two Shopkins characters and led into the skybox for a great breakfast and to see what’s new. We love the new Lego Shopkins. There were Shopkins on the tables to also trade with and cookie decorating table, coloring and just swapping away. My daughter did good and got a few Shopkins she’s been wanting. She loved swapping with MommyandGracieShow and DisneyCarsToys. 

Kids were also given a Limited Edition NY Apple Blossom Shopkins. Only 800 of these were made. That made my daughter’s day. Looking forward to collecting Lego Shopkins for my daughter and I’m sure Season 4 will be just as fun. 

We had a great time. Thank you Toys R Us and Moose Toys for the invite. Yes, once again we rode the ferris wheel. It’s a must!! 

Check out @ShopkinsWorld @ToysRUs and @Moose_Toys on Twitter. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. My daughter was given swag. Opinions are ours 100% as always. 


Express Yourself With Cherokee School Uniforms

17 Aug

I’m sure those of you that have children or shop at Target are aware of the brand Cherokee. The back-to-school shopping season has begun and school uniforms by Cherokee earn high marks for durability, versatility and affordability. As shopping budgets continue to rise, almost 60% of American families surveyed by the National Retail Federation plan to spend more in the 2015 school season than last year, and a quarter of those consumers wait until the last minute to make back-to-school purchases. No matter when or where consumers choose to shop, Cherokee school uniforms are readily available at Target stores and on-line at

Cherokee has its pulse on back-to-school basics with school uniforms that meet classroom dress codes without compromising individuality. Wearing a Cherokee school uniform can still allow you freedom of choice to customize your look. For girls, Cherokee uniform selections include a button front blouse, a safari dress with cinch waist and front pockets, knit scooter skirt with side button details and a drop waist jumper. While boys can choose from durable flat front shorts and pants, a classic oxford shirt as well as a smooth uniform blazer while unisex options abound featuring polos in a variety of colors. Cherokee uniforms range in price from $7.99-$29.99 

Cherokee asked my daughter to express herself with their uniforms and make a style that she likes. Even though my daughter has always worn a uniform she’s always made her own style by wearing funky statement leggings, crazy socks, printed tights, blinged out shoes/boots and cute accessories with pops of color. The basic blue and white uniform wasn’t basic anymore and everybody looked forward to seeing what she was going to wear the next day. We knew this shopping trip was going to be fun. 

Target is one of our favorite stores to shop at and Cherokee uniforms are front and center when we walk in so once the uniforms were found we headed straight for the accessories. This year we were going make her uniform pop with a cute Hello Kitty tutu that we found at Target. The cute socks and ankle boots with blinged hearts are from previous purchases. The Safari dress and blouse are Cherokee from Target and the total for all three items were $44.87 and I saved $8.99. How awesome!! 

She loves her knew outfit and we styled it according to how she likes to dress. She added bracelets for that extra girly look and it matches her tutu. We are showing you a variety of looks of how the safari dress looks with the tutu underneath whether it’s open or closed. The white blouse which is part of her school uniform went great and we popped the collar up. 

As the weather changes we will add in a sweater, scarf, leg warmers and outerwear. Even cute earmuffs would go great. 

Boys also can add a dashing bow tie, suspenders, blazer, beanie, denim jacket or spiked bookbag. 

It’s a no brainer… your choice for back-to-school basics has never been more simple. Convenient, durable, affordable Cherokee school uniforms give you the foundation to express yourself. You’ll find Cherokee school uniforms at Target stores as well as on-line at

 Disclosure: I was provided with a Target gift card to review Cherokee uniforms for my daughter for this post and for back to school. Opinions are ours 100% as always. 

How do you like the way we styled the Cherokee uniform ? What about the prices? Leave comments below. 

#KidzVuzBTS Bash Recap 2015 

31 Jul

KidzVuz Back to School Bash was held at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel on West 52nd St. this year July,18. The space was just right for everyone in the Central Park East and West ballrooms. 

My kids were first to run inside and we didn’t know where to start first. There were so many tables filled with great toys. Here is the list of sponsors who attended: 

Lysol : #LysolThat


Lego – @LEGO_group

Wonder Workshop – @WonderWorkshop

Chuze – @GetChuze

WWE – @WWE, @NatbyNature @theMarkHenry

Lego Dimensions @LegoDimensions

Star Stable @StarStable

Game Stop @gameStop

Simply Mac @SimplyMacStore

Hasbro – @HasbroNews

ClassroomDirect @ClassroomDirect

Pixels – @PixelsMovie

Laser Pegs – @laserpegs @DomainMe

Philips @PhilipsSound

Dentek @Dentek


Mommy Nearest @MommyNearest

No Kid Hungry @NoKidHungry

Metropolitan Museum @metmuseum

The Broadway League @TheBroadwayLeague

LG was one of my favorites. I love their appliances and got to see the newest in washer and dryers and refrigerators. The kids made lunches to take in their plastic containers and even got aprons at the LG station. For every tweet LG donated $10 to No Kid Hungry so each tweet could connect a child struggling with hunger with up to 100 meals. I thought that was great and support No Kid Hungry through their blogger program. 

Dentek showed us the latest in their kids fun flossers , toothbrushes and toothpaste. You could also decorate cookies with edible markers. 

Wonder Workshop had a fun robots for the kids to control using a tablet and they were called Dash and Dot robots. My kids loved stopping here and working the robots. 

Phillips had this Mix DJ sound system and my son was definitely the DJ. He did a great job mixing music. I have to get one for him. (My 12 yr old) My oldest son DJ’s and this would be great for them to work on this together. They also had screen cleaners which I picked the Rose scent to clean my phone and kill bacteria and germs. There was also the wireless portable speaker asked the FL3X which was cool. 

Lysol had a cute station where kids played a game called Kill the Germs like a whack a mole version and took a picture in a cutout cardboard posing like a scientist, then a classroom set up with tablets learning about germs. I loved the coupons that were given out because I am a Lysol fanatic. 

For all those Broadway fans out there like our family The Broadway League was in the house handing out swag. 

My daughter got her hair done with glitter at Star Stable station along with a goodie bag. Laser Pegs handed out light up necklaces. Classroom Direct gave a backpack and school supplies. 

Met Museum letting parents know about their new digital feature MetKids launching in September 2015. 

WWE wrestler/diva Mark Henry and Natalya took pictures and gave autographs. They are both down to earth. Mark Henry is a big teddy bear. Glad to be a #wwemom

My kids enjoyed seeing the Game Stop table and playing video games. My daughter made sure to talk about germs with KidzVuz camera crew. There were treats throughout the room for the kids to snack on. Mommy Nearest had cupcakes for the kids to decorate. 

We enjoyed all the sponsors and can’t wait to do it again next year. Thank you to the KidzVuz team for another amazing Bash! Big shout out to my daughter Taylinn who had my business cards in her bag and handed them out to the sponsors. Great job!! 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are ours 100% as always. We were given swag. 


Bratz Dolls Empower Girls To Create Their Own Worlds #BratzBesties 

31 Jul

Back in June I was invited to a never-before-seen preview of the re-launched Bratz doll. It was held at Hundred Acres down on MacDougal St. In NYC. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and took a look at the dolls and their accessories.  

 On July 25, MGA Entertainment’s popular fashion doll franchise, Bratz, made its comeback with a new mantra to empower girls to create their own worlds. Celebrating creativity, confidence and friendship, the event was held at the flagship Toys”R”Us in New York City’s Time Square and featured activity stations including braid bars and a photo booth. 

My daughter was very excited to see the collection, hang out at the activity stations, get her nails and hair done, have breakfast in the Skybox and take pictures with teen pop sensation, Skylar Stecker. She also signed her autograph on a cute pair of lips which is a iPhone 6 cell case. My daughter also got a picture with real-life Bratz and the inspiration for the Yasmin doll, Jasmin Larian who also talked about all the ways the brand has evolved over the years. Actress Nathalia Ramos also made an appearance and took pictures. 

There was a huge pair of pink lips cake that was so delicious. You know we just couldn’t leave Toys R Us without getting in the Ferris Wheel. We got in the Barbie car. 

Check this out: 

Bratz Brand Anthem:

Bratz ‘Meet the Bratz’ (stop motion animation teaser):

It’s always hard to choose one doll as your favorite when there’s a collection. I like them all. My daughter was sent Sasha from the Sleepover party collection (Walmart exclusive). She loves the accessories and is having fun with Sasha. She can’t wait to get the entire collection. 

You can find the Bratz dolls at Toys at Us. Walmart & Target now. 

Disclosure: I was given a gift card in June for attending and my daughter received a doll for review. Opinions are 100% ours as always. Thank you to everyone involved in inviting us to these events.



JC Penney Optical Back to School  Promotion & Photo Contest #spon 

30 Jul

Disclosure: I received a JCPenney gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

My daughter had been wearing glasses since the age of two. Glasses are expensive especially when you have three kids wearing them and yourself. Not all health insurance covers prescription glasses. I was happy to find out about JC Penney’s fabulous Back to School Promotion which includes: 

Complete pair of Kids’ designer eyeglasses for $29.99

Offer includes select Kids’ frames up to $120, FREE impact & scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection and FREE eyeglass protection plan for any school-aged child 16 & under. 

Dates of promotion: July 6th – September 15th

JCPenney Optical site:

To find a JCPenney Optical near you:
We took a trip to JC Penney to pick out a new pair of glasses for my daughter and boy did she have a fun time trying on different frames. I think she tried on more than ten pairs. There’s so many to choose from and at that price you can afford to get a back up put in case your glasses get lost or break by mistake. Here are a few pair she tried on before finding the pair she loved. She also loved modeling the different style of glasses. 


Here is the pair she chose with doggy paws in purple. I didn’t get a front shot just a side. When the glasses are ready I will post to my social media and show you how they look on her. Get to your local JC Penney and take advantage of this great promotion. 

There’s also a Glasses 4 Classes Photo contest going on now! 
Glasses 4 Classes Photo Contest will be on the JCPenney Optical Facebook Page (

How to enter: Parents need to snap a picture of their kid preparing to go back to school and share it on Twitter, Instagram, or the JCPenney Optical Facebook Wall with the hashtag #PicMyKidContest. Or you can upload it directly via the entry form on the JCPenney Optical Facebook Page.

Twitter and Instagram accounts must be public for the entry to be official.

12 winners will be picked to each win a $30 JCPenney gift card to purchase new frames for their child.

Dates for entry: 7/8 – 8/16

Disclosure: I received a JCPenney gift card for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 


23 Jul

My daughter was so excited to hear that we were invited to Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC to get a sneak peek of the latest Journey Girls collection – dolls, fashions, accessories and feast on playful dishes and treats inspired by the country that the Journey Girls are exploring in 2015.

As we arrived we were greeted by al the beautiful dolls. Each child was told to pick the doll they liked. Some kids wanted more than one. Can you blame them? They all rock!! I wanted all the outfits. Lol. Very fashionable and had awesome accessories. 

Here are the names and descriptions of the Journey Girls dolls which will be available for $39.99 each, exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at for ages 6 years and up, beginning this September:

Chavonne, a multi-talented performer, will guide the girls through Milan, the City of Theatres, in a black-and-white striped top under a vibrant pink petite coat and trendy floral pants that match her navy slip-on shoes. No batteries required.


Journey Girl® Callie from Toys“R”Us®

Callie will seek out the best shops to show her friends the latest fashion trends, while wearing a black-and-white mini dress paired with an embroidered, blush colored jacket and elegant pink shoes and headband to complement her entire look. No batteries required.


Journey Girl® Dana from Toys“R”Us®

Dana, an animal lover, will be sure to stop by her favorite parco nazionale and protected reserves which are home to a variety of wildlife, all while dressed in a silver knit sweater and brown faux-fur vest with jeans, along with a leopard-print tote bag and chic brown boots. No batteries required.


Journey Girl® Kelsey from Toys“R”Us®

Adventure seeker Kelsey will challenge herself by taking on the best hiking trails and exploring marine life within Italy’s 4,000-plus miles of coastline! While out on the town, Kelsey will sport a grey and blue embroidered shift dress with navy headband, as well as a navy and emerald faux-leather shoulder handbag and navy flat shoes. No batteries required.
Journey Girl® Kyla from Toys“R”Us®

Kyla is ready to find the best spots rich with art and culture, dressed to explore the Italian art scene in a ‘Ciao!’ printed top with striped sleeves, pink wrap skirt, a black and white clutch and floral and classic pink flats. No batteries required.


Journey Girl® Meredith from Toys“R”Us®

Meredith’s athletic charm will help inspire all her friends to partake in awesome quests in Italy, and her sense of style will shine bright, as she dons a blue sparkle t-shirt, white striped circle skirt, pink handbag and trendy pink shoes. No batteries required.


Journey Girl® Mikaella from Toys“R”Us®

Mikaella, outfitted in a purple knit sweater with silver embroidery detail, metallic silver brocade pants, black flats and an elegant silver and pink envelope clutch handbag, will lead her friends to the finest cafes and pasticcerias in town. No batteries required. Available now in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at 

Dana was the most popular doll of the afternoon which is who my daughter picked. Of course she would also love to collect them all. Once inside the kids took their dolls to the accessories station to collect new outfits, shoes, hair clips, etc. there was a photo booth with backdrops of Italy, canolli making table, arts and craft and the lunch and dessert was so delicious. 

Here’s what Toys R Us had to say: 

 Toys“R”Us® announced that it is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its award-winning*, private label Journey Girls® brand with an updated collection of artfully crafted fashions and highly detailed accessories. Beginning this September, customers will find their favorite dolls outfitted in styles perfect for their next Journey Girls adventure, an Italian excursion, in stores nationwide and online at The company designed this quality 18-inch doll line in 2010 as an affordable option – at $39.99 – for doll enthusiasts and collectors of all ages. What began as a collection of four dolls and complementary fashions, has expanded to a selection of seven dolls, hundreds of mix-and-match clothing options and dozens of must-have accessories. In the five years since the brand’s inception, Journey Girls characters have gone on worldwide adventures spanning 20,000 miles around the globe, from London to Paris and now Italy, adding to their individual and collective backstory.

In preparation for the 2015 holiday season, Toys“R”Us is stocking its inventory with new, adorable fashions and accessories that help extend imaginative play. From furniture and pets, to stylish clothing and hair salon sets, all fashions and accessories are quality made, realistically detailed and scaled to fit 18-inch dolls. The brand also offers a wheelchair and crutch accessories set, providing children with disabilities the opportunity to reflect themselves during playtime. To coincide with the launch of the latest dolls, new Journey Girls accessories will debut in Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at this September, including a Best in Class School Set, Birthday Celebration Set and Pet Grooming Set.

 The Journey Girls brand is currently available for purchase at all Toys“R”Us stores across the U.S., and select stores in International  markets across the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Spain and the U.K., among many others.

Additionally, to celebrate the gal-pals’ fifth anniversary trip to Italy, the company is encouraging parents and kids to share their Journey Girls experiences with @ToysRUs on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Fans are invited to post photos of themselves and their dolls traveling the country – or even the globe – as well as engage with one another and Toys“R”Us using #JourneyGirls. For enthusiasts looking for Journey Girls inspiration online, the Toys“R”Us Pinterest page,, will feature the dolls’ different fashion looks, delicious Italian treat ideas, do-it-yourself arts and crafts and more.

We had a fabulous time and even the boys came and supported Journey Girls. It was a fun day that will always be remembered. My daughter plays with her doll everyday and can’t wait to get her some siblings. Maybe one day we can visit Italy. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. We were invited to this event at Toys R Us and was given a doll. Opinions are 100% mine as always. 



3 Dec

If there’s one food item all my kids can agree on it’s macaroni and cheese. Especially my homemade mac and cheese. Did you ever think there would be a healthy chip/cheese puff version of mac and cheese? I’ve seen weird flavors like cappuccino chips but lets not go there.

Snikiddy, a line of delicious snacks made with all-natural and wholesome ingredients – the perfect, better-for-you substitutes to those unhealthy comfort foods that will leave you happy, but healthy too!

Craving French Fries? Meet Snikiddy Baked Fries. Snikiddy’s healthy option sits at 130 calories per serving and only 7 grams of fat. That’s half the fat AND calories of the traditional, greasy version of French Fries – a guilt-free solution that’s delicious too!

I love fries and so do my kids but when we are craving it’s good to know Snikiddy won’t leave grease sitting in our stomachs. Also when I make homemade french fries at home I don’t use vegetable oil just olive oil.

Put down the Cheetos! And try Snikiddy Cheese Puffs. Available in mouthwatering Grilled Cheese and Mac n’ Cheese flavors, these puffs are certified gluten free, non-GMO and contain no trans fats. Tasty and nutritious – your Cheeto cravings have met their match.

We are definitely a cheese family and grilled cheese and the mac and cheese is on point. I can’t believe Snikiddy came up with these awesome flavors in their cheese puffs. They were so good we ate them too fast. Need to restock quick.

Have your chips…and dip too! Traditional tortilla and potato chips don’t stand a chance against Eat Your Vegetables. They’re all-natural, low sodium and protein packed for a tasty stand alone snack or paired with your favorite dip or salsa. Plus, Eat Your Vegetables has a full serving of vegetables in each bag!

Each kid is different when it comes to veggies in my house. So I was very glad that these Eat Your Vegetables tortilla chips were a winner with my kids. They did not complain. Never had a problem with veggie chips, straws or dips for them to snack on. It’s the real veggies that they are picky about. They still have to eat them anyway.

These kid-friendly and parent-approved Snikiddy snacks had me when they mentioned they do not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils or MSG. When you taste it you will love it!!

So many flavors to choose from.
Check out @boldfries and @Snikiddy on Twitter. On the web at:
Our favorite in the fries were the hot & spicy and bbq, eat you veggies favorite were the Italian herb & olive oil, we loved both the baked mac & cheese and grilled cheese puffs.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was given product to review and give my honest opinion which I did. My kids and I enjoyed Snikiddy very much.



4 Nov

Wubble Bubble Ball was kind enough to send my kids their 2014 Top Toy for the Holiday Season as selected by Target. Wubble Bubble Ball is a family fun toy and I totally agree. Once I purchased the 4 D batteries for the pump I had the kids insert the pump in the ball and fill with air carefully. I did not want to break it before we got to use it. The whole family played with this huge, soft, bouncy ball all day and night. It is fun and I love that we can use it indoors and haven’t broken anything (so far). It reminds me of an exercise ball but not as heavy. We all get a good workout on our entire body. Laughing is also part of our exercise. Toys that keep my kids active and have the family playing together I’m all for it. I love when the family gets together and just have fun. I can now honestly say we all workout everyday. I would love to take our Wubble Bubble Ball to the park on the grass also. I see a Wubble Bubble Ball play date in our future. I’m sure by the time spring/summer hits we will have more than one. It comes in two colors: blue or red. We have the blue.

We haven’t stopped playing with it yet. Now every morning before school we play and when the kids come home we play. I also find myself playing during the day when I’m home. We all are addicted ( even grandma and auntie). Lol.
My daughter has her dolls jumping up and down off the ball. She also loves when the ball is thrown to her and knocks her down softly.

I was shopping in Target and saw the display of Wubble Bubble Balls and they were almost sold out. I also heard a little girl ask her mom for one. Kids already know what they want and parents pay attention and write it down because your kids will be expecting one or two for the holidays.

Just like any bubble or ball they eventually pop. Wubble Ball has a lifetime replacement guarantee which costs only $6.99 to replace a Wubble under the guarantee. You can watch a video about “How To Inflate a Wubble Ball”

Wubble Ball is available at Target, Toys R Us and online at
Twitter @WubbleBall and Facebook

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review but my opinions are entirely my own.

Will you try the Wubble Bubble Ball?