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National Park Foundation Celebrates At Brooklyn Bridge Park #FindYourPark #ad

24 Aug

National Parks Day celebrated their 100th birthday August 22nd at Brooklyn Bridge Park and we were invited to join in the fun and partake in all the activities. 

The National Park Foundation and National Park Service, Bill Nye and Questlove celebrated the 100th birthday of the National Park Service on Monday, August 22nd. In partnership with Brooklyn Bridge Park and One World Trade Center for the celebration, for the first time ever, New Yorkers worked together on a giant digital circuit board to control the color of the lights of One World Trade Center’s spire. The celebration featured music by Ramblin’ Dan, Questlove and a surprise musical performance.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of those parks that you could spend hours at because of the beautiful skylines, boats, restaurants and all the fun your kids can have there. Definitely a tourist stop and any picture you take there is beautiful. My son took some amazing shots. 

The first thing we did when we arrived was got free ice cream from The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. From 1:30-3:30 free cones or cups of ice cream were given. My kids and I enjoyed that very much. 

We met up with more bloggers and Melissa Musen Gerstein from (The Moms) to explore. My daughter made a sand necklace and took home coloring books. We also spun the wheel and answered trivia questions about history and won prizes. 

Next we took a group photo then headed to the entertainment. Ramblin Dan and the Freewheelin Band did a wonderful job with his songs keeping the kids and parents on their toes. I couldn’t stop singing and dancing. This band is a husband and wife duo. I would attend any event/party they are performing at. 

Park Rangers took visitors on tours and took pictures with those that requested. It was a beautiful day to just enjoy whatever was going on. Even celebrities came by to show their support. 

Here’s the schedule of events:
1:00 PM: Event opens to the public

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Free scoop of ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

2:00 PM – 2:45 PM: Ramblin’ Dan & the Freewheelin’ Band at the stage

3:00 PM – 3:10 PM: Junior Ranger Centennial Pledge Ceremony at the stage

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Smart Parks Game Jam at American Express tent

3:15 PM – 4:00 PM: Ramblin’ Dan & the Freewheelin’ Band at the stage

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Park RX Fitness class at the Harbor View Lawn

5:45 PM – 6:45 PM: Atlas Genius performance at the stage

7:30 PM – 7:45 PM: Remarks, including Secretary of Department of Interior Sally Jewell and Centennial Ambassador Bill Nye

7:45 PM – 10:00 PM: Edison Interactive Floor open to the public

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Questlove DJ set

10:00 PM: Event closes

The Park Exchange event series are designed not only to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th birthday throughout the summer, but also to bring parks to life in unexpected places throughout the country.

There are over 400 national parks, even in big cities across the country. Join us in celebrating this historic moment and come #FindYourPark, o mejor dicho #EncuentraTuParque, in Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are mine as always. 

Skynergy Power Container At Liberty State Park

23 Aug

I headed to Liberty State Park to learn about solar energy through a shipping container that will serve as a bike station with the company Skynergy. It was a packed event with Assemblymen, The Mayor of Jersey City and Doctors speaking. Below you can see the schedule and how Skynergy plays a part in providing back up power. I learned so much and enjoyed my day with staff, media and invited guests. Liberty State Park is beautiful and lunch was amazing. 

11:00 – 11:20

Opening and VIP Remarks
1) Taiwan: Ambassador Lily. L. W. Hsu
2) US: Assemblyman Raj Mukherji
3) GTPO: Dr. Lihchyi Wen, Deputy Director of GTPO
4) Bike & Roll: Mr. Matt Finelli, Manager
5) UL: Ms. Catherine Sheehy, Advisory Lead of UL Environment
11:20 – 11:25
GTPO-UL MOU Exchange
1) GTPO: Dr. Lihchyi Wen, Deputy Director of GTPO
2) UL: Kurt Brengel, Director NA Engineering Operations
11:25 – 11:35
Launching Ceremony
Skynergy Introduction by Master of Ceremony
11:35 – 11:40
1) Taiwan: Ambassador Lily. L. W. Hsu
2) US: Assemblyman Raj Mukherji
3) Mayor of Jersey City, Fulop (TBC)
group photo
1) Taiwan: Ambassador Lily. L. W. Hsu
2) US: Assemblyman Raj Mukherji
3) US: Ms. Marisa Slaten, Assistant Director of the Division of Economic Development and Emerging Issues, New Jersey Board of Public Utility
4) GTPO: Dr. Lihchyi Wen, Deputy Director of GTPO
5) Bike & Roll: Mr. Matt Finelli
6) UL: Kurt Brengel, Director NA Engineering Operations
7) UL: Ms. Catherine Sheehy, Advisory Lead of UL Environment
8) Jonathan Luk, Superintendent of Liberty State Park
9) TECO – Mr. CY Ling (Director of Investment Office)
10) Gloria Energy Asset Co. Ltd.-Mr. Chih-Ku CHEN (General Manager)
11) TD Hitech Energy Inc. – Dr. Mo Hua YANG (General Manager)
12) M-Field Energy Ltd. – Mr. Bin HSU (General Manager)
13) Billion Electric Co. Ltd. – Mr. Chia-Ho JIAN (Director)
14) Taiwan Energy Saving Film Co. – Mr. Wu, Tieh- Han (General Manager)
15) Senator Cory Booker’s office: Dinesh Suryawanshi (Project Specialist) 
12:00 – 14:00
Networking & Reception

The Green Trade Project Office (GTPO), Taiwan’s leader in the promotion and integration of green products and services, was proud to announce that “Skynergy”, a self-developed, stand-alone photovoltaic power container, to be demonstrated at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, USA. This special demonstration showcased how ever-improving solar energy technologies, smart energy management and storage systems, cloud computing, and eco-friendly products are making zero-energy consumption possible.

Basically, Skynergy is an installation that has been created from a standard shipping container that will actually serve as a -bicycle station, which will be run by the US bicycle rental and tour company Bike And Roll. On July 12, 2016, a handover ceremony was held jointly with the GTPO; Bike And Roll; the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in New York; New Jersey Board of Public Utility, project partners UL and Asolar; and major manufacturing partners from Taiwan.

As a self-contained, self-sustaining power station, Skynergy is well suited to support disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, as well as various residential, retail, or recreational purposes, in places where power is unavailable. In addition, since it is housed in a standard shipping container, Skynergy is easy to transport via land, air, or sea.

Skynergy runs on high-power photovoltaic panels. For the NJ project, it features a photovoltaic module on the rooftop area of the container. These panels feed the station’s grid with electricity, with any excess electricity then stored in the onboard batteries, which are compact chambers of lithium-ion battery packs.

The station has also installed a hydrogen fuel cell to provide reliable backup power, in case of blackouts. Under normal conditions, the hydrogen fuel cell self-refuels, when a supply is maintained through the solar-power source. In total, this fuel cell can provide more than 8 hours of back-up power while operating at its maximum output.

Additionally, with the help of a smart-energy-management system, cloud-monitoring technologies have been implemented to help ease the burden on administrators who must face the challenge of overseeing the central control of scattered equipment. This helps to create fast and more efficient workflows between devices, which boosts productivity and saves energy.

In addition to consuming zero-energy from the grid, the station also features several innovative green products of note, such as an insulation coating; an energy-saving film for windows; solar bricks; a stone-like surface coating; floor mats made of recycled tires; and luminaries made of materials from discarded computers, among many others.

 For further details, you may visit Skynergy’s webpage:
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

#ElenaOfAvalor Our Princess Party #Ad @DisneyChannel

1 Aug

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Disney Channel. However, all opinions expressed are our own.

My daughter and I anxiously awaited for July 22nd to get here so we could see Disney’s first ever Latina Princess Elena Of Avalor premiere on the Disney Channel. We were even more excited to host a party and do an Unboxing video showing what goodies we were going to have at our party. If there one thing or two things we love it’s Disney and hosting parties. We have lots of boys in our family so I made the party special for my daughter because she is my princess. 

I’ve always taught my kids to be a leader not a follower because that’s who I am. I learned that from my mother, father and grandmother. I was taught in order to succeed in life I have to go for what I want. Back when my grandmother and father were alive they told me to respect my elders and pursue my interests. I wanted to be a chef because of them and I made sure I would be the best. I’m teaching my kids that now and that’s what they are striving for. With the help of me (their mother) and knowledge I instill in them their dreams will come true.  Their grandmother has also been a big help showing them the right path to take. I love how Princess Elena is a go-getter and wants to protect her castle and become Queen. She doesn’t let anything get in her way. In her mind she’s not a teenager anymore. 

My children love their grandmother very much and I’m glad she’s still a part of their lives.

My daughter said she liked watching Elena Of Avalor and wants to add the doll to her collection. She said she still want to be a chef and hope Elena gets to become a Queen. Our party was a success and my son even sat through it.

– Disney Channel YouTube Page:

– Official Brand Website:

– Elena of Avalor Facebook:

Tune in for Elena of Avalor on Fridays at 7:30pm ET/PT or 6:30c on Disney Channel.

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Disney Channel. However, all opinions expressed are our own.

Back To School With Momtrends #momtrendsbts

23 Jul

Kids might not want to hear it but school is right around the corner. I attended Momtrends 6th Annual Back To School Event and I’ve got the scoop on everything from fashion to food and everything in between. 

Brands in attendance or in gift bags were: 

The Nanny League- Need a college educated nanny or on call sitter? Like ok no further. Check @thenannyleague on Twitter for more info.

Mabel’s Labels- Every year my kids and I look forward to labeling school supplies and clothes. Head to Twitter @mabelhood

Nalgene- Making sure my kids drinks are in a spill proof sturdy bottle and they’re lunch doesn’t get soggy or squished makes for a happy day with these products. Go to @NalgeneUSA on Instagram and stock up.

USANA-Nutritional Science @usanainc on Twitter & Instagram  

Vamousse- Non toxic- and pesticide free lice products to treat, prevent and protect children against lice. @vamousselice on Twitter.

Play-Doh- We all love play-doh. You already know the amazing things you can do with play-doh. My daughter can’t get enough of this. Head to @playdoh onTwitter. 

Chewbeads- I fell in love with these amazing chewbeads and I don’t need a baby to own them. They are colorful and go great with anything. I want them all. 100% silicone teething jewelry that’s worn by mommies. Check out @Chewbeads on Twitter for more info. 

KEEN, Inc- Outfoor footwear for the whole family. From the mountains to the city streets. @Keen on Twitter for footwear fashion. 

WallPops- Wall art, peel and stick wallpaper. Amazing wallpaper that can brighten up a room. See what @Wallpopswallart has for you on Twitter. 

Paula’s Choice- Skincare products you can feel confident about buying and using. @paulaschoice on Twitter. 

Joules-Britain’s best loved lifestyle brand. Clothing for the entire family. Take a look at the mini models below. On Twitter @joulesclothing 

Yoobi- Supplies for school, home and office. Very colorful and unique. For every Yoobi item you buy, another is donated to a classroom in need in the U.S. You must check out@Yoobigives on Twitter 

Earth’s Best- Natural and organic products for your growing baby. @EarthsBest on Twitter.

Ella’s Kitchen- Healthy and natural organic food for babies and kids. They are on Twitter @EllasKitchenUSA

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. Gift bags were given. Thank you Momtrends for another awesome event. My kids thank you too. 

Easy Party Planning With BJ’s Wholesale Club #ShopTheClub #ad

24 Jun

Things I love about the month of June.

*My daughter was born. 

*Summer begins

*School ends


I also love to throw parties and break out the grill. The best place to get all the things I need for my parties are in my favorite one stop shopping store BJ’s Wholesale Club. I throw a celebration every year for my kids who get promoted to the next grade or are graduating. I know I’m getting my money’s worth when I walk into BJ’s because bulk is what I need and I go in with my list and coupons ready to shop till I drop. 

My son is being promoted to the 8th grade and my daughter is being promoted to 4th grade. This time I decided to let BJ’s do the party planning for me. The party platters are great. I just put in an order and that’s it. Easy breezy. 

Here is what will be served at the party:

Wellsley Farms®
Sandwich Ring Serves 12 – 15
Wellsley Farms® Deluxe Sandwich Ring with Honey Ham,
Smoked Turkey Breast and Swiss Cheese, include
sliced Tomatoes and Lettuce.

Wellsley Farms ® Entertainer Platter
Serves 20 – 25
Wellsley Farms® Honey Ham, Roast Beef, Oven-Roasted
Turkey Breast, Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast, Provolone
Cheese and Land O’Lakes® American Cheese

Wellsley Farms®
 Mini Croissant
Sandwich Platter Serves 10 – 15
Contains 30 Mini Sandwiches. Wellsley Farms®
Roast Beef, Oven-Roasted Turkey and Honey Ham. 

Can’t forget the dessert. BJ’s has great sheet cakes and ice cream cakes. Prices are amazing. You can also get a full sheet custom cake hat serves 60-75 people for under $40. Yes, you heard me right. Where else can you get a custom made sheet cake for that price? If you need a smaller cake that feeds 12-16 or 15-20 people you’ll spend less than $20. Amazing!!! 

I grew up on ice cream cakes and love Wellsley Farms Ice Cream Cake – A delicious sheet cake featuring
premium chocolate and vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate
cookie crunch. Sizes small and large. Kosher.

For those who want cookies, Wellsley Farms Cookie Platters – One example is Wellsley Farms
® Brownie & Cookie Tray that serves 36 – 48. Something for
everyone! Includes a premium assortment of 48 freshly baked Wellsley Farms Cookies — Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin and
White Chocolate Chip — PLUS 45 Wellsley Farms Brownie Bites. Rich,
chewy and delicious, they͛re our most popular treat.

Plastic cutlery , paper plates and cups are also a must for my guests for easy cleanup. Don’t forget to use the coupons for even more savings. 

 Berkley Jensen Premium Heavy Duty Clear Cutlery – Made from clear
super premium heavyweight plastic. Full-size design is perfect for any
occasion. Includes 180 forks, 120 spoons and 60 knives. 

 Berkley Jensen Premium Heavy Weight Dinner Plates – These
durable plates come in two sizes (ten 10.25-inch plates and ten 7.5- inch plates) and can hold plenty of food, so you don’t have to worry  about taking that second piece of pie you’ve been eyeing. Includes 20
Berkley Jensen heavy weight premium plastic plates (ten 10.25-inch plates and ten 7.5-inch plates). Also, be on the look out for new Berkley Jensen Printed Paper Plates to add color and flair to your table.  

 Berkley Jensen Premium 18 oz. Cups – These 18-oz. cups are perfect
for serving cold beverages. They are made from premium plastic in a classic red color. Great for parties. Includes 240 cups.  

Don’t forget about Wellsley Farms Organic Tortilla Chips, Salsa and Macaroni Salad. 

Browse through BJ͛s Party Planning brochure, then fill out an order form in-
Club — or download one at home from, simply drop it into  the kiosk at your local club. Your order can be ready for pick-up in as little as 24 hours!  

 To help ease consumers’ pain in the pocket, BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering non-members a Free 90-Day Membership available now through Sunday, July 3.

 · Shoppers can print the coupon at and visit their local BJ’s club to activate their trial. Once enrolled, shoppers are given a membership number and will receive a membership card upon visiting the member services desk. 

 · BJ’s is also currently offering a 15 month membership for $40 now through Sunday, July 3 plus a coupon book with more than $2,000 worth of savings.

Follow @BJsWholesale on Twitter for more info. 

I also carry free membership coupons in my purse incase someone could use one. That happened to me before and I gave a husband and wife a free coupon to join. They were so happy. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a BJ’s Ambassador. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secrets of The Sewer Exhibit at Liberty Science Center 

20 Jun

Lion and tigers and bears Oh No…. not at this event but there were lots of Turtles. We got an invite from Momtrends to attend Liberty Science Center for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secrets of the Sewer Exhibit. Open May 28, 2016 to September 5, 2016. 

This summer you can visit the underground lair of your favorite shelled crime-fighters and enjoy hours of creative play as you leap into action and solve puzzles, mazes, and obstacles.

Shoot pizza at enemy targets, navigate a rope maze without triggering alarms, and peer through the Street View Periscope to see Turtles on the NYC street above you. Then crawl through sewer pipes to discover hidden artworks, practice skateboarding skills on balance board skateboards, test your knowledge of the Ninja Turtles’ history in an interactive game, and more! Liberty Science Center is the first stop on the exhibition’s first-ever national tour.

My kids and their friends were all over the place. There were real live baby turtles and huge tortoises. We had a pizza party and attended the cooking demo and “Science of Pizza” event with Donatella Arpai and the TMNT characters. My daughter rolled real pizza dough. The kids took home a Certified Pizza Ninja Certificate and we tossed fake pizza dough up in the air. 

We stayed after the event and explored Liberty Science Center with friends. It turned out to be a great day and took a short time from Manhattan to get there. My kids are already asking to go back. I’m all for it. 

Check out for more info and on Instagram @libertysciencecenter

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Tessemae’s All Natural Line Of Organic Salad Dressings #BlogginMamas

16 Jun

I’ve always loved all types of salads and having a good salad dressing just puts the icing on the cake. What I tried to deny to myself was even though I’m eating a healthy salad I knew once I added that creamy dressing it wasn’t as healthy as it should be. 

What I started doing was reading labels. I looked for hidden ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, how much sodium, calories and cholesterol was inside and lots of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. I stopped supporting bad habits and decided to either make my own dressing or find a healthy one just right for me and my family. 

I took my kids to the Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park a few years ago and at one of the booths there were two guys (brothers) who were sharing their heathy organic ketchup and organic mustard with the kids. The name of the company was Tessemae. I purchased a few bottles and from then on they have been on the top of my shopping list. 

It doesn’t stop there though. They also have salad dressings, marinades, BBQ sauce, dips and mayonnaise. 

Tessemae’s All Nat­ural is a grow­ing nat­ural food com­pany from Annapo­lis Mary­land that makes clean, fresh dress­ings, mari­nades, and condi­ments with real ingre­di­ents and no preser­v­a­tives.

Tessemae’s All-Nat­ural makes 25 mari­nades and condi­ments – all of which are USDA organic, gluten free, non-gmo, vegan and Whole30 approved – and con­tain no added sugar or xan­tham gum… ever!

The Vet­ter broth­ers, Greg, Brian, and Matt, launched the brand in 2009 at their local Whole Foods Mar­ket in Annapo­lis, Mary­land, using a sim­ple recipe cre­ated and used by their mom through­out their child­hood. Tessemae’s com­mit­ment to healthy eat­ing and liv­ing is the core of their mis­sion, to pro­vide sim­ple, yet deli­cious food to con­sumers made with real ingre­di­ents.

I love their products and was given four bottles of Tessemae’s All Natural Organic salad dressing to review. The flavors were: Lemon Garlic, Balsamic, Honey Balsamic & Green Goddess. Don’t they just sound devine? It can be used as a salad dressing or marinade. The first one I tried on my salad was Honey Balsamic. I absolutely loved it because I mean come on, how can you resist anything with honey? I also love balsamic so the two together just made me want it even more. It tasted clean and fresh and my salad wasn’t weighed down nor soggy. All natural and my stomach thanked me. My doctor also thanked me. 

I’m definitely going to marinate my chicken with a few as well like the Lemon Garlic and Green Goddess. I  recently purchased the Southwest Ranch. Loved it! Amazing things can happen with Tessemae. 

Tessemae’s All Natural products are sold at Target, Stop & Shop and Whole Foods in the Northeast. 


Twitter: @tessemaes

Instagram: @tessemaes

All prod­ucts are also avail­able for purchase directly from Tessemae’s at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bloggin Mamas. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

NYC529 Direct College Savings Plan #NY529edu 

25 May

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a lawyer but when my parents divorced and my mother raised my sister and I it wasn’t looking like my dreams were coming true. I didnt want to bother my mother financially because I knew she couldn’t afford it. Even though I worked every summer since age 14 I knew that wouldn’t be enough for college. I didn’t want to take out loans nor have my mother take out loans. 

Great thing about college is you can go anytime. I didn’t go right out of high school, nor did I go to John Jay to study law, but I did go to a community college in my 30’s while pregnant with my third child. I studied radiology. I found out about Pell and Tap, financial aid and grants. I worked at my college and attended classes while receiving a check from working and from Pell and Tap. I used some of the money for supplies, books and transportation. 

I didn’t finish but if I choose to go back I will be even more prepared because I recently attended an event on the Imtrepid with Momtrends and NY 529 Direct College Savings Plan. We heard from a few guest speakers as well as First Deputy, Pete Grannis  who also took a group photo with the kids. I think if my mother knew about this service back when we were babies my sister and I could have attended the college we wanted. 

Now that I’ve heard all it takes is as little as $20 a month for this great NY 529 Direct College Savings Plan my kids will thank me when they’re ready for college. 

*What is a 529 college savings plan you ask?

It’s a type of investment account you can use for higher-education savings. 529 plans are usually sponsored by states.

*What makes these savings so powerful?

Tax savings. Your earnings grow federally tax-deferred, quali ed withdrawals are tax-free, and some states (like New York) have other tax bene ts as well.

You can use the money in a 529 account  to pay for anything that’s considered a qualified higher education expense, including tuition, books, supplies, etc.. Anybody can open a 529 account- parents, grandparents, friends as long as their a US citizen or resident-alien. 

My daughter wants to attend culinary school and I’m glad to hear she can choose from postsecondary trade, vocational schools, two & four year colleges and postgraduate programs. I just might take a few classes myself. My son also is considering culinary school. Whatever they choose the NY 529 Direct College Savings Plan will be there for them. 

I really enjoyed learning about this savings plan and my kids enjoyed touring the Intrepid and getting on the Simulator rides. I also got on one too. I’d like to thank everyone who spoke and for great information. Thanks to Momtrends as always for another fab Saturday event. NY529 was kind enough to contribute $100 each for both of my children toward their college education. For more info visit: or call 1(877)-NYSAVES

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Mix & Mingle with Momtrends and Fairy Tales Hair Products #FairyTalesMix

19 May

Do you try to prevent things from happening to you or your family to avoid stress and headaches or do you just deal with the problem when it happens? 

I’m that mom that tries to prevent things from happening like my asthma for instance so I take preventive medication to avoid an asthma attack. I also make sure everyone gets a flu shot to avoid getting the flu and so on. 

Momtrends invited bloggers to Mix and Mingle with them and Fairy Tales Hair Products to celebrate the newly reformulated hair products. 

Did you know there are preventive hair care products to prevent catching head lice? Fairy Tales Hair Products have been around since 1999 delivering high quality products to your family. Shampoos, Comditioners, Detanglers, Sprays and even a Survival Kit at your service. 

I’m sure no one wants to wake up to a head full of lice. I’ve heard stories of how easy it to catch it. Sharing hats, combs, brushes, sleepovers and at camp sharing pillows, the list goes on and on. So if you could prevent a problem like head lice from happening wouldn’t you take the time to use the product? 

Here’s more info about lice: 

Lice are mostly spread through head-to-head contact. Lice infest children more than adults because they have more physical contact at that age.
Lice can survive up to 36 hours off the human head on clothing and other personal items such as hats, helmets, brushes, combs, hair ties, towels and head phones. They do not fly or jump. They crawl. Lice can also survive in water as they go into a state of suspended animation. Chlorine does not kill them. Pets do not carry the same type of head lice as children.

Here are tips for preventing head lice: 

Do a weekly head check. A quick check of the “hot spots” (behind the ears, back of the neck and at part lines) on a weekly basis can help prevent an outbreak.

Teach children NOT to share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. Going to a princess party? Wipe down the tiara first. At sporting events, never share helmets or caps.

Keep long hair up in a ponytail or in a braid. Secure styles with styling aids. The extra coating will make it harder for lice to attach to the hair.

At school, daycare or camp make sure to store jackets, nap mats, backpacks and hats in separate cubbies or in a sealed bag.

Use lice prevention hair care products every day! Organic herbs such as rosemary, tea tree and citronella found in Rosemary Repel Hair Care® are proven safe, gentle and effective to help prevent head lice.

Another great things is their formulas are free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates. And with the growing concern regarding children’s allergies, they are now dairy, gluten and nut-free too! 

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Summer is right around the corner. Prepare in advance.

These pictures courtesy of Momtrends.

Check out for more info and @ fairytaleshaircare on Twitter

Thank you to Momtrends for a wonderful night. 

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Easy Ways to Cook with Johnsonville Sausage for Mother’s Day 

6 May

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Johnsonville. Opinions expressed are mine 100% as always. I am a Johnsonville Influencer. 
Mother’s Day breakfast has never been easier with these Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausages! Ready in 30 seconds, these breakfast sausage patties have all the big, bold flavors of Johnsonville without the fuss. Available in both Original and Turkey varieties, these patties are the perfect size for breakfast sandwiches. Whether your morning schedule is busy or relaxed, you’ll always find the time for these sensational sausages.Johnsonville nvited moms and kids to make Johnsonville  part of their morning routine – from a quick weekday breakfast before school to Mother’s Day morning brunch. Breakfast sandwiches are the new way to get your fill of protein-packed deliciousness and Johnsonville is making it easier with a new line of fully cooked sausage patties. For more information, visit


Johnsonville believes in bringing the family together through food, but the meal doesn’t have to be complicated.• Johnsonville is the number one brand of sausage in America.

• Convenience is key when kids are cooking for mom; make it easier by cooking with Johnsonville.

Johnsonville asked me to create my own variation of a kid-friendly breakfast for Mother’s Day. My kids were excited to work in the kitchen with me. We love cooking together and thinking of new recipes. 

We came up with a corn muffin, sausage with maple syrup. Easy to make, don’t have to turn on oven and easy clean up. Perfect for any size hands. It’s like stuffed French toast. 


*1 or 2 packages of store bought corn muffins or you can make from scratch. 

*1 package of Johnsonville fully cooked breakfast sausages (turkey or original)

*Maple syrup (drizzle on what amount you want)


In a skillet or frying pan heat up sausages for 7-9 minutes (or maybe even less than that). Flip a few times. 

Cut muffins in half, place in frying pan with butter already melted and heat till nice and bubbly. You can brown on both sides or just one side. Place sausage pattie on corn muffin, add maple syrup and place other half of muffin on top. 

There you have it! Three ingredients, fast and ready in no time. Johnsoville sausage patties fit perfectly on corn muffins. 

My daughter also came up with a quick snack or appetizer with Johnsonville sausages. She put crackers on a plate and added the Johnsonville sausage and tater tot on top. The tater tot had cheese melted on as well. You can add so many things to it. I thought she did a great job.

We also made a classic breakfast wrap with egg, cheese and Johnsonville sausage. We love our wraps in the morning. 

My Mother’s Day breakfast is looking good. Johnsonville makes it so easy for a fast and tasty meal every time. We enjoyed creating these recipes for you. Hope you enjoy making them with your kids as well. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

For more info about Johnsoville products head here:



Twitter: @Johnsonville