19 Mar

Are you obsessed with shoes the way I am? I recently came across the most gorgeous, stylish, comfortable shoes it looks like you’re walking on clouds. The company is called Tsubo and I am dying to try a few pair. The colors are amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it. With my feet having a heel spurs I know at this is exactly what I need to be at peace with my feet and look stylish and feel comfortable all at the same time. I picked out a few styles that I want to try and hope one day I am lucky enough to have them in my shoe collection. (Wink,Wink)

If you want to splurge on a great shoe please do it with Tsubo. The prices range from $120 and up.
They have a variety of shoe stores that carry the brand. You can check out the website and find stores near you. Tsubo.com

I am not going to stop stalking these shoes until I am walking in them. The styles I picked below are my favorite. I wanted to show you the other colors but it wouldn’t load but these are my top must have.

Tsubo I would be delighted to review any of these shoes for you!!! (Wink ,Wink)

Happy shoe shopping ladies and men because they have a great selection for you as well.









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