4 Oct

This article is from NewYork.com and I’d like to share with my readers.

Indulge in our favorite old-school and new-school takes on eight different types of comfort food — fried chicken, mac and cheese, burgers, all the so-bad-they’re-good-for-you foods you crave when the weather turns chilly
When that wisp of a chill hits the morning air, the shorts are packed away along with the swimsuits, and the sweaters are safely out of storage, it’s time for some good old-fashioned (and new-fangled) comfort food. As the days grow shorter and the clothes bulkier, New York City restaurant menus are skewing heartier much to the delight of comfort food enthusiasts everywhere. Here are 16 amazing comfort food dishes to try this season, eight in tried-and-traditional form and eight with a trendy, only-in-New-York twist. Bon appetite!

Crunchy Comfort: Fried Chicken
This quintessential Southern classic has plenty of fans far north of the Mason-Dixon line. There’s nothing like the taste sensation you get when biting through perfectly-crusted skin into the juicy meat of a breast or drumstick – using your hands, of course. It’s soul food at its finest.

Classic: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
Blue Ribbon’s version is so popular that the empire branched out with an East Village offshoot devoted to the bird. Fans appreciate the simple preparation — just a flour and spice coating — immersed in the fryer and served as “dinners” or by the piece. Bonus: BRFC goes beyond the conventional wings, drums and breast: necks and backs are available, too. 28 E. First St., 212-228-0404, blueribbonfriedchicken.com

Creative: Perry St
A little technology goes a long way for taste in Cedric Vongerichten’s modernist version of fried chicken. The executive chef at West Village’s Perry St aerates the batter with a soda charger for an ethereally light, super-crunchy crust; the D’artagnan meat is slow-cooked for maximum moisture; and a Scotch-bonnet sauce adds pizzazz to the entire package. 176 Perry St., 212-352-1900, perrystrestaurant.com

Cheesy Comfort: Mac and cheese
The most basic of dishes, easy to prepare, and fed to us from a box since we were old enough to eat solid food, it’s not just the childhood memories that makes mac and cheese a reassuring favorite. Just about any combo of cheese, cream, pasta and breadcrumbs make everything in the world seem right.

Classic: Dumont
This Brooklyn take is likely to make your childhood flash before your eyes. Extra creaminess equals extra soothing, and a mix of Gruyere, parmesan and cheddar yields a pungent, sharp and smooth flavor balance. Replacing slippery elbow macaroni with ridged, radiatore pasta is a genius touch — it literally clings on to the good stuff. 432 Union Ave., 718-486-7717, dumontrestaurant.com

Creative: Cafeteria
As if just plain ol’ mac and cheese wasn’t decadent enough, Chelsea’s Cafeteria stuffs it in a spring roll wrapper, deep-fries it, and serves it with a Gouda dipping sauce. 119 Seventh Ave., 212-414-1717, cafeteriagroup.com

Salty Comfort: Pastrami Sandwich

Born in the delis of the Lower East Side, a delicious pastrami sandwich brings back the good old days (real or imagined). You don’t need to be bar mitzvahed to appreciate the nostalgic, salty, meaty, old-world flavor. Made by soaking beef in brine, then smoking, and steaming it, it’s the only deli meat that gets a full Russian bathhouse treatment before serving.

Classic: Katz’s Delicatessen
Famous for its cold cuts, and as the setting for the “I’ll have what she’s having,” scene from When Harry Met Sally, the owners of this 125-year-old Lower East Side landmark like to say that Sally wasn’t faking it — it was their pastrami on rye that brought her to orgasm. 205 East Houston St., 212-254-2246, katzsdelicatessen.com

Creative: Empellon and Empellon Cocina
Chef Alex Stupak celebrates two of America’s great immigrant cultures in his short rib pastrami taco with pickled cabbage and mustard seed salsa — a Jew-Mex powerhouse so popular it’s the only taco he serves at both the East Village and West Village branches. Empellon Cocina 105 First Ave., 212-780-0999; Empellon Taqueria 230 W. Fourth St., 212-367-0999, empellon.com

This article is courtesy of NewYork.com
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  1. Making Our Life Matter October 4, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    I love fried chicken and macaroni & cheese. I never had New York style, but it sounds delicious!

    • nilimo72 October 4, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

      You should try mine too. 🙂

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