8 Jun

I’m excited to announce that Jyrobike, launched its Kickstarter campaign June 3, 2014.

Clunky training wheels that draw attention to new bike riders and pedal-less ‘balance bikes’ are a thing of the past. Launching on Kickstarter Jyrobike is the world’s first auto balance bicycle and features a unique Control Hub with gyroscopic technology to literally balance itself as the child pedals like they would on any typical bike without the risk of falling over. With Jyrobike, kids will be able to learn to ride a bike in a single day without the fear and frustration of toppling over. In addition, special needs experts believe that Jyrobike may be able to help individuals with cognitive disorders, attention deficit, and proprioceptive or balance challenges experience the joy of riding a bike as well.

The company hopes to raise an initial funding goal of $100,000 USD through Kickstarter for production expenses. As an incentive to “pledgers,” Jyrobike will offer promotions and limited edition items which will only be available during the Kickstarter campaign throughout June. The company will make every effort to deliver Jyrobike (to those who pre-order it through Kickstarter) before the holiday season. To learn more or place an order visit: http://www.jyrobike.com/

My daughter and son are still trying to learn how to ride a bike. This bike would be perfect for them. There is also an adult version coming in 2015 and I would love to test it out. Can’t wait to see how fast my kids learn to ride with Jyrobike.







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