2 Feb

Valentine’s Day this year will be all about the great recipes my kids and I have been creating. I’m glad it falls on a Saturday because we don’t have to worry about school the next day. I’ve been incorporating more recipes on my blog and I love when my kids get in the kitchen with me and give me ideas.

Walkers Shortbread of Scotland sent me a bag of their mini rounds and a bag of their mini fingers to come up with a fun activity of creating X’s and O’s as a gift for that special person in your life or as a treat. I love shortbread cookies. They melt in your mouth with that buttery taste. I don’t know if you would actually call this a recipe or activity but I did add to the cookies so I’ll say it can be a recipe/activity. How’s that?

This time my daughter and I came up with two fun activities using the X’s and O’s to give to each other and play a game with the next.

For the first activity we decorated a plate with two hearts made out of chocolate syrup and added sprinkles then put our rounds and mini fingers out of X’s and O’s to represent the love we have for each other and everyone in our family. This would be one of our gifts to everyone in the house to pass around. My daughter loved rolling the cookies in the sprinkles and chocolate syrup. She also created a cookie sandwich.

The next activity is out tic tac toe game using again chocolate syrup to make the tic tac toe and the mini rounds and mini fingers to make the X’s and O’s. We had fun with this one and yes, my daughter won, then I ate all the leftovers.

How fun are these? It took no time at all, easy clean up ( in your mouth). This can be done any day or month you like. I don’t wait for one day a year to show or tell my kids I love them but if you’re looking for cool activities/recipes for you and your kids this would be nice to try. X’s and O’s are so cool.

What I love about Walkers Shortbread cookies is the fact that they are a family owned company established in 1898 in Scotland. No GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, 100% vegetarian, , no animal fats, no hydrogenated fats, kosher, no artificial preservatives, no antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. Their classic shortbread is made from only flour, butter, sugar and salt. Love it!!!!!

We had a great time coming up with these fun things to do with your loved ones. Hope you get to try them out. Please check out Walkers Shortbread on their website: http://www.us.walkersshortbread.com and on Twitter @Shortbread

Disclosure: I received product to create these recipes/activities. Opinions are mine and my daughter 100% as always.








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