Express Yourself With Cherokee School Uniforms

17 Aug

I’m sure those of you that have children or shop at Target are aware of the brand Cherokee. The back-to-school shopping season has begun and school uniforms by Cherokee earn high marks for durability, versatility and affordability. As shopping budgets continue to rise, almost 60% of American families surveyed by the National Retail Federation plan to spend more in the 2015 school season than last year, and a quarter of those consumers wait until the last minute to make back-to-school purchases. No matter when or where consumers choose to shop, Cherokee school uniforms are readily available at Target stores and on-line at

Cherokee has its pulse on back-to-school basics with school uniforms that meet classroom dress codes without compromising individuality. Wearing a Cherokee school uniform can still allow you freedom of choice to customize your look. For girls, Cherokee uniform selections include a button front blouse, a safari dress with cinch waist and front pockets, knit scooter skirt with side button details and a drop waist jumper. While boys can choose from durable flat front shorts and pants, a classic oxford shirt as well as a smooth uniform blazer while unisex options abound featuring polos in a variety of colors. Cherokee uniforms range in price from $7.99-$29.99 

Cherokee asked my daughter to express herself with their uniforms and make a style that she likes. Even though my daughter has always worn a uniform she’s always made her own style by wearing funky statement leggings, crazy socks, printed tights, blinged out shoes/boots and cute accessories with pops of color. The basic blue and white uniform wasn’t basic anymore and everybody looked forward to seeing what she was going to wear the next day. We knew this shopping trip was going to be fun. 

Target is one of our favorite stores to shop at and Cherokee uniforms are front and center when we walk in so once the uniforms were found we headed straight for the accessories. This year we were going make her uniform pop with a cute Hello Kitty tutu that we found at Target. The cute socks and ankle boots with blinged hearts are from previous purchases. The Safari dress and blouse are Cherokee from Target and the total for all three items were $44.87 and I saved $8.99. How awesome!! 

She loves her knew outfit and we styled it according to how she likes to dress. She added bracelets for that extra girly look and it matches her tutu. We are showing you a variety of looks of how the safari dress looks with the tutu underneath whether it’s open or closed. The white blouse which is part of her school uniform went great and we popped the collar up. 

As the weather changes we will add in a sweater, scarf, leg warmers and outerwear. Even cute earmuffs would go great. 

Boys also can add a dashing bow tie, suspenders, blazer, beanie, denim jacket or spiked bookbag. 

It’s a no brainer… your choice for back-to-school basics has never been more simple. Convenient, durable, affordable Cherokee school uniforms give you the foundation to express yourself. You’ll find Cherokee school uniforms at Target stores as well as on-line at

 Disclosure: I was provided with a Target gift card to review Cherokee uniforms for my daughter for this post and for back to school. Opinions are ours 100% as always. 

How do you like the way we styled the Cherokee uniform ? What about the prices? Leave comments below. 

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  1. Shalini Mithra April 20, 2017 at 3:15 am #

    this display is very cute. cherokke uniform is very cute pair

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