Gerber’s BabyNes Smart Nutrition Baby Formula System 

10 Nov

As a mother of 4 I was told when I had my first born that I must breastfeed because it’s healthy for my child, he won’t get ear infections, the colostrum is what he needs, he won’t have colic, he will sleep all night, and you’re young and that’s what’s right. From doctors, parents, nutritionists, health educators, to grandparents I heard it for 9 months and after because they wanted to know did I breastfeed. In my mind I knew the benefits of it and I wanted what I thought was the best for my son and I also wanted my uterus to shrink fast, and in the other part of my mind I was saying it’s gonna hurt and visioning leaky swollen breasts and God forbid a bite from my son as the teeth come in. 

Wel I can proudly say I breastfed my son  for 3 years and quite a few of the benefits were true. Yes, 3 years oh yeah and I got bit once but right away I told my son don’t do that again. Ha. I just wasn’t into mixing powders and waiting for a bottle to heat up and cool down. Al I had to do was turn over and feed my son. I did however use a certain brand baby formula that wasn’t powder or I used my pumped breast milk for when we went out. 

I enjoyed breastfeeding so I breastfed all of my kids but my oldest was the longest. My oldest son is now 25 and then came along Gerber with their newest arrival BabyNes Advanced Nutrition: The Next Generation of  Baby Formula. 

BabyNes is a smart nutrition system that brings a range of six single-serve formula capsules for infants and toddlers during the first years of life. Wi-fi enabled to provide a perfectly mixed bottle at a temperature selected by the user with no lumps at the touch of a button. The single served formula capsules were created to ensure precise nutrition with the right amount of nutrients and water for each feeding. The formula was inspired from breast milk composition changes month after month to follow baby’s evolving nutritional needs and nourish a healthy body and mind. Can we say ooooh? 

For expecting moms and parents with kids birth to 36 months this is right up your alley. I love the fact that a filter in each capsule filters out the bacteria from the water and the formula is dissolved completely within the capsule to flow directly into the bottle. Also plus is the the BabyNes system syncs with a smartphone to allow users to track your baby’s nutrition, replenish capsules automatically or get an alert when a caregiver feeds the baby. 

There were two events I attended for BabyNes, one on November 5th with Lyss Stern of Diva Moms and one today November 10, at the Children’s Museum of the Arts with Moderator: Bobbie Thomas (new mom, style/fashion expert and Professional Girlfriend). Panelists included: Dr. Tanya Altmann (Pediatrician), Lyss Stern (Founder Diva Moms), Lance Somerfeld & Matt Schneider (Co-founders City Dads Group) and Tom Burnett ( Director of Eary Childhood Programs at WEE Arts).

There were demos shown, panelists discussed their thoughts on parenting and the BabyNes and questions were answered from the audience. Bobbie Thomas also discussed her battles with getting pregnant and treatments she had to take in order to have a baby and how supportive her family and friends were.  She is also greatly like to have the BabyNes in her life as it has helped her being this is her first child. 

If I could have more kids I would still breastfeed and give this a try. It’s very convenient and saves you a lot of time and mom or dad can use it. The BabyNes machine is available in the New York metro area at Giggle Stores, Buy Buy Baby and online at,,, and at an MSRP of $249. The formula capsules are sold online at or on BabyNes app ($59/box of 26 capsules). There’s also a carrying case for on the go. 

Twitter and Instagram: @BabyNes

BONUS: I will be giving away a BabyNes soon. Stay tuned!!! 



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