My Review of @MonsterProducts #YouDeserveBetter 

21 Mar

As a blogger, traveler and mom I am constantly on the go and so are my tablets and cell phones. Nowadays just about everyone owns a cell phone and or tablet but I don’t see lots of people with portable cell phone chargers and I always wondered why. If there’s one thing I hate its looking for an outlet. I rather keep it moving and get to where I have to go instead of searching for a place with an outlet that half the time doesn’t work or is being used. 

I was so happy when portable chargers made the scene but some were so worthless it only charged my phone half way that I would have to still find a place to charge. Was there a powerful portable charger that could handle my phone and tablet and give me more than one charge for the entire day that I was out and about?

Monster Products saved my day. I don’t leave home without my portable Monster charger. Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable Battery. Monster’s Power Card packs serious punch. Super thin, it fits into your wallet for power on the go. A great value and easy to transport, it’s perfect for quick emergency charges. 

The Power Card charges up to 3 times faster than standard USB chargers. 3 LEDs on the Power Card show your battery level and charge indicator. Use it with anything that requires USB charging. Power Card quickly provides five hours of energy to your smartphone. 

Check out the link for details:

When it comes to my music I must have the best in-ear headphones so I can hear every beat, base and word in the song I’m listening to. My headphones have to zone out background noise so I can be at peace with my music. I also don’t like in-ear headphones or earbuds that fall out of my ear. 

Monster has done it again with their Clarity HD High Definition In-Ear Headphones. I mean just the name alone should make you say I need to know more about these headphones. I don’t know how many headphones I’ve purchased in the past but I know they are no where to be seen or found. That was money wasted. I’m not saying things don’t break  or just ware out I’m saying I shouldn’t have spent all that money knowing I wouldn’t own at least one pair that I can say I’ve had longer than a month or two. 

With the Monster Clarity HD High Definition headphones I have stopped looking. These headphones have superior noise isolation that keeps the outside world out so you can focus on the music. Combined with Monster’s ControlTalk Universal in-line microphone, you can take and make crystal-clear calls and control music from any smartphone or tablet. Multiple ear tips ensure the best possible fit for any set of ears–and they won’t fall out like other earbuds. 

Look at them here:

What’s a selfie without a selfie case? Selfie sticks are so banned and played out that Monster came up with a better idea. A selfie case for your IPhone that mounts to glass, mirror, acrylic, marble and other smooth, flat and glossy vertical surfaces. Special gel material functions like millions of tiny suction cups. It is also shock absorbent and impact resistant. Has high quality, flexible case body and provides improved grip. You can video chat and use GPS navigation hands free as well.

Did you see what I just wrote? It mounts to glass, mirrors, etc.. Hands free selfie case. When I first saw this demonstrated my mouth dropped. I love it and as much selfies as I take i couldn’t be more happier to own this. Want to see what I’m talking about? Here you go:

Disclosure: I am a Monster Nation Reviewer. Items were given in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

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