Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Top 10 Reasons To See 

1 Jun

Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass was an incredible film. I took the kids to a screening that we were invited to by Disney. I love anything Disney and we were excited to see. The 3-D effects were perfect for this film. Lots of exciting things were coming at us from all angles. 

Why we liked it and why you should see it:

1. Adventure movies are fun. We get to follow along on a journey and hope that it turns out good in the end. 

2. Cheshire the Cat. I want to have him. Can I just take him home with me? Who doesn’t want Cheshire? I mean really. Love his voice, cool smile and disappearing acts. 

3. Johnny Depp “The Mad Hatter”, even though when his eyes turned black my daughter got a little scared he’s still super cool and I love his acting. I definitely need a wig like his. Would love him as a friend. 

4. Time. He’s the one in charge. He’s funny he is “time” and he just might make you like him. 

5. Alice. Yes women can do anything they put their mind to. Doesn’t fear anything. Must save her friend. 

6. Chronosphere . I need this so I can go back in time maybe three times a week. 
7. Red Queen. You will notice her. She has the enormous head with red hair, hence the name “Red Queen.” Is she really a bad/evil person or does she just want to be loved? 

8. You get to hear recording artist, Pink new song “Just Like Fire”

9. If you saw the first one you have to see this one. 

10. In theaters now! See a matinee, take a group, family fun day. Check out @DisneyAliceFilm on Twitter for more info. 

Disclosure: Thank you Disney for the invite. This is not a compensated post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

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