Welcoming @Lidl To My Harlem Community #LidlHarlem #Sponsored

20 May

I love when Harlem (where I was born and raised) welcomes new businesses to our community. The most recent grocery store to come was Lidl. There is over 160 locations on the East Coast.

I was asked to take a tour of Lidl and shop and see what catches my eyes. I kindly accepted and all I can say is Where have Lidl been all my life? I couldn’t stop smiling and grabbing and expressing how amazing the prices were and the quality and freshness of the food was.

My first reaction walking in to Lidl was smelling all the fresh breads from the bakery. Everything is made right there in the store. From baguettes to croissants , rolls, apple turnovers and the list goes on and on.

It gets better. Fresh flowers at a great price point. Sliced deli meats ready to go and all types of cheeses. There’s so much to choose from and the produce section had everything. The frozen section was fully stocked with seafood, pizza, gelato and more. Dairy had my favorite brand eggs and milk and I couldn’t believe how I’ve been spending double when I could’ve been saving so much and getting it from Lidl. I absolutely love the Italian section where I stocked up on a variety of pastas, oils and sauces. Seasonings, fresh herbs and veggies were also my favorite section. The fresh salmon and chicken also came home with me.

Another great find was my favorite blood orange soda. I was also shocked how amazing the price was for sushi which my daughter and I made sure to stock up on as well. It’s easy to shop when you know what you need and have a shopping list which Lidl provides in their app. They also offer recipes and the weekly ad is there too. I love the app. I also have to mention you get $5 off your first purchase of $30. How cool is that? Use the app every time you shop to get coupons and savings.

There’s a recipe for Shrimp Orzo Pasta on my Instagram @nilimo. Please check it out. I used fresh Italian parsley, red onions, frozen shrimp, lemon, olive oil and scallions purchased from Lidl.

Lidl is popping up all over and I hope there is one near you. Check them out and let me know what goodies you get and how much you saved. Also head to their Instagram http://www.Instagram.com/Lidl or @lidl

I walked away with so many bags full of food for a great deal. I haven’t looked anywhere else for my groceries since then. Thank you Lid and welcome to my neighborhood .

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. . The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Lidl.

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