Dental Expo at Jacob Javits Convention Center

1 Dec

I had the pleasure of attending the Dental Expo at Jacob Javits Convention Center as I do every year and I am always excited to see what’s new one the market for my family and I. Our teeth are very important to us and it should be to everyone out there. The products we use have a lot to do with our hygiene and the better we take care of our teeth the less visits to the dentist we will have to make.

At these expos you can either take courses, listen to demos from the actual brand of products, such as Colgate, Crest, Sensodyne, Gum, etc, etc. You can also go to a booth and brush your teeth with their product and take that toothbrush with you along with a toothbrush holder and goodie bag.

I also love walking around and asking for toothbrush samples for my kids. From my experience going to this particular expo for years I’ve noticed it’s gotten smaller and a lot of sponsors are around like they used to be due to the economy.
It’s still interesting to learn what’s new and what actually works better for your teeth whether it’s a manual or power toothbrush, or whether you should use floss or a water pik.

They also give the attendees a great dinner party at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square that is catered with an all you can eat buffet, desserts, and DJ for those who want to dance and work off that food.

Kids are welcomed to the expo free of charge like the adults but not to the party.

The Javits Center offers a lot of free events so if you see something you’re interested in register early.









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