27 Jul


These are just a few celebrities I’ve met in my life. They were all down to earth and I loved talking to them. Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry. Some of them were before my upgrade to an IPad mini and IPhone5. I’ve also met Henry Winkler and Kevin James who were also very nice and I had pictures with the both of them but don’t know where I saved it. I have also seen Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, and Jill Scott at a Red Carpet movie screening. The list goes on and on.I look forward to meeting more celebrities in the future.
Here are the names of the celebrities pictured above:
Tina Fet- actress
Marcus Samuelson- chef
Sandra Lee- chef/TV host/author
Ty Pennington- TV host
Pit Bull- rapper/actor
Alison Sweeney- actress/author
Wendy Williams- TV talk show host/actress/author
Minnie and Mickey Mouse- Cartoon characters
Tyson Beckford- model/TV host
Shaq- NBA Basketball Player
Will Smith- actor/rapper
Jaden Smith- actor/rapper
Jerry O’Connell-actor
Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings- professional beach volleyball player
Elisabeth Rohm- actress/author
Jane Lynch- actress
Elle Varner- singer/songwriter
Darryl Strawberry- former baseball player

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