22 Nov

When it comes to Thanksgiving I’m a beast in the kitchen. Ok, I’m a beast in the kitchen regardless because I love cooking. I love trying new recipes and letting my kids help me cook. I’ve gotten better prepping the night before and even making a few side dishes or appetizers to save me time the next day. I’m up at 4 am everyday regardless so this is perfect time to have the kitchen nice and quiet, Keurig is programmed to pour me coffee and house smelling like good home cooking. What I also like is this year I have 2 crockpots which saves me even more time because I just put whatever I’m cooking in and let it do it’s magic. I don’t have to keep checking, just leave it alone. Once everyone gets up breakfast is served and kids are ready to help me in the kitchen.

I notice my local supermarkets start putting main products on sale weeks before Thanksgiving and a week before they rack the price back up. Stuffing always sells out, turkey’s are too high and so frozen you need a few days just to thaw it out, macaroni that’s on sale sells out, cheese is priced so high if you don’t get it when I said it goes on sale and you know you can’t use just one type of cheese in your Mac and Cheese. Green beans also by the pound can be priced high and sold out if you’re not quick. Also, the lines in my supermarket are ridiculous as if were having a snowstorm and everyone is afraid to run out of food so the entire neighborhood decided to shop on the same day. Geez Louise. I love a 24 hr supermarket because while everyone is sleep I shop or just go very early or do it when the sales are on.

Some people don’t have to worry about cooking because they either eat at a restaurant or go house hopping to relatives. That’s where bringing a dish or gift comes in. If I am invited to my relatives house or anyone’s house I always bring a dish or gift. Usually a pie, wine, or platter of cheeses and or meats is good to give as a gift. If I cook I bring whatever I had time to make.

I attended Walmart Holiday event and found amazing gifts at amazing prices. There was a Columbus Salame Gift Pack that include 3 varieties of salame for $15.98. (That’s how it’s spelled). This can be served as an appetizer with crackers and cheese. Rembrandt Aged Gouda Cheese that has been aged for one year. Ideal for cheese boards and pasta dishes for only $5.98. Looka Desserts- Macarons are an assorted box of French meringue sandwich cookies in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and raspberry. Come on, who doesn’t love a macaron? All this deliciousness for $7.96 a box. There’s also a Butterball Cajun Spiced Turkey. Yeah you heard me, CAJUN!!!! This 3lb boneless frozen turkey breast is great and comes with Cajun seasoning and gravy packet for only $9.98. Doesn’t hurt to have boneless meat knowing that all of it won’t be wasted. No bones!!! Yippee!! With baking you either got it or you don’t. If you don’t and want to bring a great pie with you pick up Walmart’s 10″ Apple Pie made with Apple slices and a dash of cinnamon. This pie contains gluten, nuts and dairy so read labels first. Only $5.98.

You can buy a gift basket and combine a few of these things and Mae it look like you spent a lot.

That’s just half of what Walmart has to offer. There’s also great appetizers, liquor gift sets with glasses included, Cinnabon has a baking kit your house will be smelling great. From crustless quiche to spanakopita. You can never have enough appetizers while the main course is cooking. Check out all the goodies at your local Walmart and see how much you save and all the great gift ideas and food you can purchase. Also check Walmart online:

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was invited to their Holiday Event.opinions are 100% mine as always.









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